Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Devoured By Emily Snow

Thanks to the lovely Emily Snow I received an Advanced Readers Copy. And I am excited to say it's one of the best ARC's I have ever had the honor of reading and reviewing. 

Let me start off by how I loved the whole dynamic of the story. It was well created her teasers helped with getting me; along with countless others readying and waiting for this release. 

I loved everything about Lucas! I love a controlling man, but he was controlling and dominant in the good and extremely sexy ways. 

Sienna was a push over in some ways, I loved her to pieces, but she needed a man like Lucas in her life. 
Lucas and Sienna had a very short past history. And the way I read and understood it; is that Sienna practically haunted him from the moment they met. She was the only one after all not to sleep with our millionaire musician bad boy. 

The sexual chemistry between Sienna and Lucas is spotted dead on as soon as you start reading Devoured. And boy do I love me an angsty romance. 

Sienna hasn't seen Lucas since he basically kicked her to the curb because she wouldn't allow him to be a little kinky in the bedroom two years prior. What she didn't expect was too see Lucas was the one that was threatening her families happiness. Wait!! He had his own motives towards the end that made him a good guy do not hate him yet. Because he is not a character worth loathing. 

He still wants Sienna even after two years of not seeing her. He comes up with a ten day plan where Sienna can not for her own reasons deny his request. After all she pleases everyone, but herself. But she has her reasons and her family is one of them and we all know family comes first.

During their time together the chemistry between the two heats up the pages and I mean scorching freaking hot! He teaches her that she doesn't have to be a pushover and I loved that he did that. 

The title to this book is perfection! Lucas totally devours Sienna. I am not comparing Devoured to any other erotica and romance books out there for many reasons, but the main one is because Emily created a story that I can't compare to others and that I am thankful for. 

I give this beautiful angsty romance story 4.5/5 stars. Only because I wanted more Lucas and Sienna. But then to my surprise Emily has decided to do a Devoured # 2 titled ( Consumed ) I only pray it continues Sienna and Lucas's story. I wish I could give you all readers more to read in this review, but it's a new release and I do not like giving away too much as I tend to think it ruins it for others. 

If you want a sexy steamy angsty and down right hot book you need to follow the links below and buy a copy of Emily Snow's Devoured you will not be disappointed. And besides it's dirt cheap for a new release
$2.99 for a beautiful angsty romance yes please!

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