Sunday, January 13, 2013

Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Life

So those who know me know my family bought a new jeep for our Christmas.
Well I live in the country like deep country where my wifi acts up and is most of the time slow.
So what happens when you live deep in the countryside? Everyone knows everyone! Well to start my storytelling I take aspirin everyday and I decide to run down to the little country store for my aspirin and Mountain Dew Code Red fix. I pull into the little store and hop out, it's pouring down rain so I take off running into the store. Not even mere seconds of entering the store my Jeep Alarm is going off like mad crazy! GET THIS! I didn't even know I had a freaking alarm! HOW PATHETIC! Goes to show you how much I pay attention when you stick something shiny and new in my face! So here I am hitting the unlock button on my key-chain and it still won't stop! Store employee who I've known for years comes out saying "Crystal is that your car doing that?" *Facepalm* "Yes! I am so, so very sorry!" I apologize and apologize. I can't get the thing to shut up! It's embarrassing and those who know me, know I don't do well under an extreme amount of anxiety. I'm practically in tears everyone is looking at me and I don't know how to shut my annoying alarm off. A friend of a friend says "Try driving it down the road, let it know it's not stolen by starting it up and driving. Electronics are funny like that," says friend of friend. Oh great! So it might be an electronic problem I am cursing mentally, LIKE I NEED ANOTHER PROBLEM! I get in my jeep and take off down the road all the while, my alarm is going off, my flashers won't turn off and people are looking out their windows trying to figure out what that god awful noise is coming through this small little town. I cut the wheel and do a turn and finally it shuts off! I've never been so angry, frustrated, humiliated, horrified in my life! And the messed up thing is while having all these emotions fly through me and tears streaming my eyes I can't help but laugh because if I didn't have anxiety issues I would actually find this funny! I get home and I throw the keys at Brad and say call the Da*n shop tomorrow and I go to my writing cave and slam the door! 

That's it Lovebugs I've hit my stress level for the day; yeah I sure have!