Friday, January 25, 2013

A Wicked Dream I am so turning into a novel!

I scan through my cards biting my lower lip I know this is my downfall, but yet I choose to give myself away. I look over at him, him being the reason I want to lose. If I lose this card game I will finally get what I want. And what I want is him. Nate—oh god Nate, he is a God a figment in every college girls imagination and dreams. Nate is 6'4'' with sandy blonde hair that hangs down into his eyes and when he runs his hands through it, musing it into his own perfect style it's enough to make your panties wet. His football stocked frame with his proceeding muscles, his tanned skin and his baby blues make him the object of eye fucking for many females and maybe even some men. The party is dwindling down I say dwindling, but really everyone is either passed out or somewhere fucking. I am not trying to win this card game because I want to tangle with Nate and if I win I don't get to do that. I am fucking plastered, but Nate made this deal with me before I got hammered he can't back down now. I can't help but feel as if he wanted this too; he knows I will lose on purpose if it means getting naked with him. "So—whatcha got good lookin'," Nate asks. His voice a low hum that makes my panties dampen. I look down at my cards and see I am holding absolutely nothing of worth. Thank the sex gods! I lay the cards down on the table and reach over to grab the Hennessy pouring us both another shot. He flicks his perfectly shaped eyebrow up laying his cards out showing a royal flush. I smirk pushing his shot towards him. "Looks like I finally get what I want," I purr.
            I watch as Nate downs his shot slamming the shot glass on the table. "Baby—we both get what we want," he says while reaching for my hand pulling me onto the card table. "It's about damn time; I've been chasing this magic stick for two fucking years!" I run my manicured finger across his lip. "We were freshman Jade; I had to test the waters taste all the different flavors. But—now I want the flavor Jade,” he murmurs against my lips. Oh god!  His tongue grazes my lower lip and I whimper. He growls slamming his lips hard against mine. The kiss is frantic, hungry— two years of wicked wanting wrapped up in this forceful kiss. I gasp and Nate takes advantage of my lips parting and when his tongue wraps around mine I lose all control. I scratch at his back bringing him closer to me which only fuels his fire. He lays me down on the card table dragging the hem of my summer dress to my waist. “I wonder if your pussy tastes as good as your kisses,” he growls. This man is skilled his lips never leave mine and I don’t even realize he is dragging my thongs down until I feel the cold air hit my lips. “Well, well look at what we have here,” his fingers dance along my “eat me” tattoo above my pussy. “I lost a bet,” I whisper. “Well since it’s talking to me I guess I should comply,” he breathes. I don’t have a chance to think or have a comeback. This is what I've always wanted Nate. Nate the guy I met at freshman orientation. Nate the guy who has been my best friend for two years the womanizing man whore. All thoughts are lost as his tongue glides against my core. “Give me some help baby,” he brings two fingers to my mouth I don’t hesitate I suck them straight into my mouth. I didn't realize he was such a dirty guy. He pumps his fingers in and out of my mouth a few times before dragging them down to my pussy. As his now wet fingers glide inside he nips my clit in-between his teeth and lightly tugs. My eyes roll in the back of my head as he pumps and licks my core to pieces. My legs begin to shake. “That’s it Jade baby let it go, give it all to me,” his plea muffled. “Nate—,” I moan. All my senses are gone I feel weightless as I come around his long fingers and his gorgeous mouth. 


Copyright © 2013 by Crystal D. Spears