Friday, February 15, 2013

All Current Works, Blogging, Beta and ARC News— Good And Bad

All Current Works, Blogging, Beta and ARC News— Good And Bad

Talania News— An editor has picked up this manuscript.

*Strictly Off Limits Unedited Amazon Promotion ending early on advisement.

Strictly will return once it's been revamped, edited and formatted.
And this is a big fat NO I will not take the dirty language out. It's what makes the whole series— the language, the attitude and the sex.

My Real Smile Novella Series — Unedited Version of My Real Smile  being pulled and edited by another editor. My Lovely Smile and My Plastered Smile already being edited.

Say Shamrock What? (Jade's College Diaries) # 1 - In process of preparing for release.

Fidelity — In process of touch ups, editing and formatting still on schedule for release date.

So yes, I've been very busy.
Everything took off at once.

**Even though everything is with editors or in works — I'm sorry I'm still not taking anymore beta reads. I am only beta reading for two Authors right now and I've only picked a few ARCS along the way. My plate is overloaded I'm sorry.

Blogging — I'm making my last blog promotion tomorrow with Annie Walls — Controlling the Dead check it out! It's going to be one epic zombie read following the first in the trilogy Taking on the Dead.
As for anything after that.....I'm retiring from blogging anything other than my stuff.

Reviewing — This will sadden a lot of people as well as me. I will still review here and there, but not like I did before. Again, I'm sorry.