Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Independence By Shelly Crane

5 Awesome Sad Stars
Sad to see this world end.

I think I am with the rest of the population that is addicted to this amazing world Shelly has created, it's very sad to see the ending is here.

This is one of those series you keep forever in your kindle,nook or book shelves forever and you pick it up at least twice a year to read. This world is just that damn addicting and different. 

Mrs. Crane definitely ended this series PERFECTLY! 

I am not going to properly review this last installment for two reasons one I do not want to remind my self again that it is over and secondly I am not giving away any details.

Just Read It! : )

Tidal By Emily Snow

Unbelievably Raw & Heartbreaking - Tidal was nothing like I expected!
5 Full Stars for this Angsty heartbreaking/put back together read!

When I started beta reading Tidal I will be honest and say at the beginning I didn't expect the story to go the way it did. I thought "Hell A Broken Drug Addict Star." we've read about those. But No...Should have known better this is after all an Emily Snow Novel and she is freaking brilliant!  When beta reading or reading an ARC I always forget who wrote it that way my opinions aren't biased by any means. Sure enough Emily made this mesmerizing and captivating story and I was honored to be one of the very firsts to read it.

Willow is anything but a shallow broken star. She is tainted with her mistakes and in ways guarding her heart from making more mistakes. If Cooper wasn't so damn sexy we wouldn't need him in the story because Willow draws you in so fast and you are literally glued to the pages.

The chemistry between Willow and Cooper was amazingly sexy. Cooper... I thought was going to be this perfect male with no secrets, but hell who am I kidding he was no where near perfect and that is what made him perfect for Willow and perfect to read. Who doesn't love a sexy surfer with brains to run his own business and has a heart? So when it turned out he wasn't perfect and was hiding his own secrets I honestly sighed it was a relief. I can't stand reading stories where the characters are perfect because let's face it no-one is freaking perfect.

Watching Willow struggle with being out of rehab was soooo sad, I was thankful she had her bodyguard and  training with Cooper to help her. Willow's secrets also helped keep the pages turning and my eyes glued. I kept thinking what else is there to hide we already know she was addicted to drugs. But WHAT was the reason? And then BAM Emily hits us with a bomb and I am floored and so damn heartbroken I cry in real life for what seems like forever.

I don't think my heart could take anymore after that and when the end of the story hits right when the pages are almost finished Cooper's Character does the unexpected and picks up our broken hearts and glues them back together.

You need to read this if you want to feel real emotions and your body tingling in anticipation then get to clicking and purchase this read.

<3 Floored and Captivated Reader

Mending By J.B McGee

4.5 Delicious Romantic Stars

If you have read Broken you know the wait for Mending was pretty rough. It was a good thing Lady McGee didn't make us wait very long.

Gabby is a breath of fresh air in Mending; more open still wounded in my opinion, but she is learning.
Gabby and Bradley's relationship is nothing like I have ever imagined. Bradley is anything but a tamed male, but Gabby draws him in further and their love is unbelievably romantic. Anything that has flaws like the fact that Gabby is scarred and Bradley is a reduced player makes this story more interesting. Any female that can tame a wicked male deserves high praise especially one so sweet, innocent, scarred, hurt and scared.

But like I said Gabby is far more opened in Mending she isn't stuck to Sam like glue she has a best friend who happens to be a guy :) and it's so refreshing seeing her interact with others.

We even visit more of Bradley's life in Mending, we also meet the person he confides in. But you must read Mending to see these other characters, the development of the story picks up and takes you on an unforgettable ride.

I am stuck to "THIS" Trilogy like a moth drawn to flame. Which is saying something. Pure romance. Gah. Love. It.

I can assure you J.B McGee is an Author to watch.

Now the wait for... Forgiven begins.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Contest Winners For J.B McGee Broken Tour

Jennifer Wolfel (For Signed Ecopy of Broken)


Tess Halim For (Arc Of Mending )

Congrats you will be receiving your gifts soon! Be checking your emails.

For the rest of the Entries Thank You for taking part in the BROKEN TOUR! :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Talania is being edited! And Why I need an Editor.

Okay, you know how when you are reading you can spot someone else's mistakes very easily, but with your own it's next to impossible? Well that's me! I type so fast and try so hard to get the scene down before I forget. I use the wrong grammar etc. So—yes I am one of those typo asses that need an editor. Well! I have one! And I am excited no more little novella's for me. My editor is going to help bring Talania to life!

I am so blessed to have this person in my life. He is not only helping me obtain a goal he is helping me with making my mother proud. 

I've always wanted to be a writer. I absolutely loved creative writing class when I was younger. A story gets stuck in my head and it just literally stays put. I have so many rough drafts it's unreal. But like I said you can be this amazing story teller but horrible with editing your own work. THAT IS ME! My teachers used to get on me for it they would say Crystal your story is there! "You just need to focus more pay closer attention." Finally they gave up and would grade me on my story alone.(Which by the way does nothing for me now!) But, looking back I believe they didn't want to discourage me. Like it was their way of saying she will figure it out one day or something. I have written so many things and I have two stories that our stuck in my head Talania and Fidelity. Talania is a new adult novel whilst Fidelity is my Dystopian novel. Fidelity is my baby and that story will not be rushed. My focus alone is on Talania, Fidelity will sit on the back burner while Talania is being edited and published. 

I know my editor who happens to be my cousin will not go lightly on me. He is a perfectionist to the purist form. If he reads this post he will no doubt spot a problem. He has read items written by me and he knows I can do this. He believes in me and I think that's important to have in an editor. He won't be biased because he's a relative he will take his job seriously and I think that scares me just a tad, but I know he will do what is best for me and my book. 

No doubt will he get on me for using your and you're the wrong way..or for forgetting periods or using too many exclamation points. I told you guys I have this horrible problem. I just type way entirely too fast and never freaking think about the consequences, little mistakes can ruin a story. 

I should know better by now. I have read thousands upon thousands of books you would think I could catch my own mistakes apparently not. THUS THIS IS WHY EDITORS ARE NEEDED! 

During our journey in editing Talania I will decide if I want to keep this cover of Talania or pay to have a new one made. I think if I am going all the way I need to go BIG!
What do ya'll say?

You would think me being an avid book reviewer wouldn't need so much editing help, but guess again! EDITORS ARE NEEDED TO BE SUCCESSFUL! I am learning this the hard way.  

So I guess what I am trying to say is that I am thankful for my editor, my author friends who encourage me and most of all my children for believing mommy can do this thing!

With tons of Love,
Crystal D. Spears

Thursday, December 6, 2012

J.B. McGee's Broken Blog Hop Tour : Review and Giveaways :)

(Broken)Book One Of The THIS Trilogy is an example of what "I" call a pure romance read. It rarely happens when I read something that makes me hear the characters voices in my head, feel their touch or feel their heartbreak. Broken did that for me.

Gabby reminds me of a skittish animal; the brilliant girl has been put through the ringer when it comes to emotions. She can go from hot to cold in mere seconds. She's been wounded, broken down and stomped on by those she trusted with her heart. The only person left in her life that she can openly trust is her sister Sam. 

Bradley comes in after all the trauma she's already experienced in her young life. He's older, successful and comes from money. He also has charisma and charm and to top it off the guy is a gorgeous man. 

Can Bradley break down Gabby's walls and make her feel again?

The way J.B. McGee explains the emotions flying between Gabby and Bradley astounded me. The way she used "THIS" to explain how they felt was simply amazing. 

Broken will most defiantly have you reeling and aching for more. I give Broken 4.5 Stars

Pick up a copy of Broken on Amazon at the link below.

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Mending Book Two Of the This Trilogy Cover

    Coming Soon!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Talania Cover ♥
I know I am a sneaky one!
It's the soon to be Hub's Birthday So I am celebrating it with y'all!
It's a busy month. So many birthdays, holidays and so much I am working on. Although I am not ready to release the blurb I thought I could at least give you an idea :)

Tristan from Talania is very, very worth the wait!

Talania- I am Shooting for the end of the month release (Fingers Crossed)
Fidelity - Releasing In May 2013
My Real Smile Novella Series Rewritten - All 3 will be re-released the first six months of 2013

Happy Hump Day Everyone!
And Happy Birthday To My Love Brad