Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Seize Me Snippet

Tuesday Snippet Time
Seize Me

PP’s eyes widen and he tries pulling me to a stop as I barge into the clubhouse screaming the place down.
“Hey Star, what’s wrong,” Pyro chuckles.
“Don’t give me that shit, you know what he did. Where the fuck is your Prez, Pyro? I swear I’m gonna have him eating his own dick for supper!”
“Pyro, he’s busy right now,” Prospect murmurs as if it’s a big secret.
“He’s busy doing what? Banging some hoe while I was off getting fired because my boss owed him a solid?”
I stomp off and as I do, I can hear PP mumbling that the Prez is gonna be angry and then I hear Pyro say that I’m the only one that could ever get away with this.
As I near the steps, I hear moaning. Lots and lots of groaning coming from the top of the narrow stairwell. I get the largest smile on my face. At least I’m about to ruin his pussy fest. I know he can hear my footsteps coming because the groans get louder as if he’s purposely doing them.
I fling the door open and I’m shocked. There’s not one with him, nor two, but three damn girls. Two of the women are going at it and he’s just watching as the third is sucking him off.
“You got me fucking fired,” I seethe.
“Yep,” he grins while gripping the sluts hair.
“Cuz you pissed me off,” he says with a devilish smile.
“Brax,” I moan. Shit when did he become Brax? “You can’t just get me fired because I’m trying to stay away from you. It’s not right.”
“I can and I did.”
“There’s a reason I’m trying to stay away, Braxxon. Did you ever think about that,” I whisper.
God, I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with him while the room smells like pussy and he’s getting his dick sucked, as the other two muffler bunnies are eating one another out.
“Not good enough.”
He’s so infuriating.
“Dammit… if you wanna conversation with me wrap this shit up before I leave Braxxon and I get far, far away from here and I never look back.”
Something in my tone or the way I’m gazing at him must set him off because he pushes bitch number one off his dick.
“Get the fuck out,” he roars.
“Baby,” she coos as the others take off running out of the room. “You gonna let her threaten you like that?”
One minute she’s running her hands down his chest the next she’s on the floor gripping her cheek. Braxxon just slapped the shit out of her.
“I said out bitch!”
She doesn’t even bother getting her clothes. She’s so quick I nickname her cockroach because she’s dirty and fast fleeing away.
When the coast is clear I point my finger at him. “If you ever hit me like that I’ll slit your throat in your sleep.”
It’s not a threat it’s a straight warning.
“I would never hit you, baby,” he says softly in the voice I’ve missed so very much all week long.
“Why did you have Rich fire me?”
“Because you’re mine and I won’t be having you dancing,” he sits down on his bed.
“I’m not yours Braxxon. We fucked that’s it,” I whimper overcome with emotions.
“You’re mine. I’ve fucked you raw. That makes you mine,” he says taking the condom off his cock.
“You used a condom for head,” I ask laughing.
“I don’t know where that bitches mouths been,” he smirks.
“You got me fired. You’re so paying my bills until I find another job,” I say seriously.
He looks offended.
“You think I would have you fired and not take care of you?”
“Well yes,” I answer honestly.
“So much to learn,” he says shaking his head.
“Go wash the skank off and I’m sending one of your prospects to get me some damn gummy bears. You stress me the hell out!”
“Okay Angel,” his voice soft and smooth.
And of course like any other woman would I swoon again.