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Independence By Shelly Crane

5 Awesome Sad Stars
Sad to see this world end.

I think I am with the rest of the population that is addicted to this amazing world Shelly has created, it's very sad to see the ending is here.

This is one of those series you keep forever in your kindle,nook or book shelves forever and you pick it up at least twice a year to read. This world is just that damn addicting and different. 

Mrs. Crane definitely ended this series PERFECTLY! 

I am not going to properly review this last installment for two reasons one I do not want to remind my self again that it is over and secondly I am not giving away any details.

Just Read It! : )

Tidal By Emily Snow

Unbelievably Raw & Heartbreaking - Tidal was nothing like I expected!
5 Full Stars for this Angsty heartbreaking/put back together read!

When I started beta reading Tidal I will be honest and say at the beginning I didn't expect the story to go the way it did. I thought "Hell A Broken Drug Addict Star." we've read about those. But No...Should have known better this is after all an Emily Snow Novel and she is freaking brilliant!  When beta reading or reading an ARC I always forget who wrote it that way my opinions aren't biased by any means. Sure enough Emily made this mesmerizing and captivating story and I was honored to be one of the very firsts to read it.

Willow is anything but a shallow broken star. She is tainted with her mistakes and in ways guarding her heart from making more mistakes. If Cooper wasn't so damn sexy we wouldn't need him in the story because Willow draws you in so fast and you are literally glued to the pages.

The chemistry between Willow and Cooper was amazingly sexy. Cooper... I thought was going to be this perfect male with no secrets, but hell who am I kidding he was no where near perfect and that is what made him perfect for Willow and perfect to read. Who doesn't love a sexy surfer with brains to run his own business and has a heart? So when it turned out he wasn't perfect and was hiding his own secrets I honestly sighed it was a relief. I can't stand reading stories where the characters are perfect because let's face it no-one is freaking perfect.

Watching Willow struggle with being out of rehab was soooo sad, I was thankful she had her bodyguard and  training with Cooper to help her. Willow's secrets also helped keep the pages turning and my eyes glued. I kept thinking what else is there to hide we already know she was addicted to drugs. But WHAT was the reason? And then BAM Emily hits us with a bomb and I am floored and so damn heartbroken I cry in real life for what seems like forever.

I don't think my heart could take anymore after that and when the end of the story hits right when the pages are almost finished Cooper's Character does the unexpected and picks up our broken hearts and glues them back together.

You need to read this if you want to feel real emotions and your body tingling in anticipation then get to clicking and purchase this read.

<3 Floored and Captivated Reader

Mending By J.B McGee

4.5 Delicious Romantic Stars

If you have read Broken you know the wait for Mending was pretty rough. It was a good thing Lady McGee didn't make us wait very long.

Gabby is a breath of fresh air in Mending; more open still wounded in my opinion, but she is learning.
Gabby and Bradley's relationship is nothing like I have ever imagined. Bradley is anything but a tamed male, but Gabby draws him in further and their love is unbelievably romantic. Anything that has flaws like the fact that Gabby is scarred and Bradley is a reduced player makes this story more interesting. Any female that can tame a wicked male deserves high praise especially one so sweet, innocent, scarred, hurt and scared.

But like I said Gabby is far more opened in Mending she isn't stuck to Sam like glue she has a best friend who happens to be a guy :) and it's so refreshing seeing her interact with others.

We even visit more of Bradley's life in Mending, we also meet the person he confides in. But you must read Mending to see these other characters, the development of the story picks up and takes you on an unforgettable ride.

I am stuck to "THIS" Trilogy like a moth drawn to flame. Which is saying something. Pure romance. Gah. Love. It.

I can assure you J.B McGee is an Author to watch.

Now the wait for... Forgiven begins.


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Contest Winners For J.B McGee Broken Tour

Jennifer Wolfel (For Signed Ecopy of Broken)


Tess Halim For (Arc Of Mending )

Congrats you will be receiving your gifts soon! Be checking your emails.

For the rest of the Entries Thank You for taking part in the BROKEN TOUR! :)

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Talania is being edited! And Why I need an Editor.

Okay, you know how when you are reading you can spot someone else's mistakes very easily, but with your own it's next to impossible? Well that's me! I type so fast and try so hard to get the scene down before I forget. I use the wrong grammar etc. So—yes I am one of those typo asses that need an editor. Well! I have one! And I am excited no more little novella's for me. My editor is going to help bring Talania to life!

I am so blessed to have this person in my life. He is not only helping me obtain a goal he is helping me with making my mother proud. 

I've always wanted to be a writer. I absolutely loved creative writing class when I was younger. A story gets stuck in my head and it just literally stays put. I have so many rough drafts it's unreal. But like I said you can be this amazing story teller but horrible with editing your own work. THAT IS ME! My teachers used to get on me for it they would say Crystal your story is there! "You just need to focus more pay closer attention." Finally they gave up and would grade me on my story alone.(Which by the way does nothing for me now!) But, looking back I believe they didn't want to discourage me. Like it was their way of saying she will figure it out one day or something. I have written so many things and I have two stories that our stuck in my head Talania and Fidelity. Talania is a new adult novel whilst Fidelity is my Dystopian novel. Fidelity is my baby and that story will not be rushed. My focus alone is on Talania, Fidelity will sit on the back burner while Talania is being edited and published. 

I know my editor who happens to be my cousin will not go lightly on me. He is a perfectionist to the purist form. If he reads this post he will no doubt spot a problem. He has read items written by me and he knows I can do this. He believes in me and I think that's important to have in an editor. He won't be biased because he's a relative he will take his job seriously and I think that scares me just a tad, but I know he will do what is best for me and my book. 

No doubt will he get on me for using your and you're the wrong way..or for forgetting periods or using too many exclamation points. I told you guys I have this horrible problem. I just type way entirely too fast and never freaking think about the consequences, little mistakes can ruin a story. 

I should know better by now. I have read thousands upon thousands of books you would think I could catch my own mistakes apparently not. THUS THIS IS WHY EDITORS ARE NEEDED! 

During our journey in editing Talania I will decide if I want to keep this cover of Talania or pay to have a new one made. I think if I am going all the way I need to go BIG!
What do ya'll say?

You would think me being an avid book reviewer wouldn't need so much editing help, but guess again! EDITORS ARE NEEDED TO BE SUCCESSFUL! I am learning this the hard way.  

So I guess what I am trying to say is that I am thankful for my editor, my author friends who encourage me and most of all my children for believing mommy can do this thing!

With tons of Love,
Crystal D. Spears

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J.B. McGee's Broken Blog Hop Tour : Review and Giveaways :)

(Broken)Book One Of The THIS Trilogy is an example of what "I" call a pure romance read. It rarely happens when I read something that makes me hear the characters voices in my head, feel their touch or feel their heartbreak. Broken did that for me.

Gabby reminds me of a skittish animal; the brilliant girl has been put through the ringer when it comes to emotions. She can go from hot to cold in mere seconds. She's been wounded, broken down and stomped on by those she trusted with her heart. The only person left in her life that she can openly trust is her sister Sam. 

Bradley comes in after all the trauma she's already experienced in her young life. He's older, successful and comes from money. He also has charisma and charm and to top it off the guy is a gorgeous man. 

Can Bradley break down Gabby's walls and make her feel again?

The way J.B. McGee explains the emotions flying between Gabby and Bradley astounded me. The way she used "THIS" to explain how they felt was simply amazing. 

Broken will most defiantly have you reeling and aching for more. I give Broken 4.5 Stars

Pick up a copy of Broken on Amazon at the link below.

J.B. McGee's Links

The Giveaway will stay on the left side of my page right underneath the Broken Blog Tour Banner
You may enter the giveaway each day until the end of the day on the 17th of this month.

*For Blog Hop Tour Links Go To J.B. McGee's Website*
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Mending Book Two Of the This Trilogy Cover

    Coming Soon!

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Talania Cover ♥
I know I am a sneaky one!
It's the soon to be Hub's Birthday So I am celebrating it with y'all!
It's a busy month. So many birthdays, holidays and so much I am working on. Although I am not ready to release the blurb I thought I could at least give you an idea :)

Tristan from Talania is very, very worth the wait!

Talania- I am Shooting for the end of the month release (Fingers Crossed)
Fidelity - Releasing In May 2013
My Real Smile Novella Series Rewritten - All 3 will be re-released the first six months of 2013

Happy Hump Day Everyone!
And Happy Birthday To My Love Brad

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Rock the Heart By Michelle A. Valentine Review

Holy Musician Hotness!

I am going to make this review simple and sweet.

The story is amazing. I love all the characters, absolutely every single one of theme. (Crap! With the exception of Sophie of course.)

Noel has what I would call major Daddy issues, which in his defense I find completely understandable.

But, what happens when a girl from your past that broke your heart is suddenly thrust into your life again?
Especially with the raw sexual attention hanging in the air around them still after four years.

Even though I adored Noel, I am sorry to say that I fell in love with Riff, who could not?

But as the group cares about Lane,they decided to let the cat out of the bag, one of Noels and Riffs secrets that can rip any shred of emotions and love left between Noel and Lane. Will their love conquer Love, Betrayal and the lies that linger?

This book shows what really can go on behind the sexy facade Rock Star Stereotype  I adored, swooned and fell in love with these Rock stars.

I have a feeling that when we get more of these handsome/Sexy Rock Stars in whatever Michelle comes up with next. We will still be hooked. I need more Riff in so many more of my fantasies bring on more hotness!

I give 4.5 delicious stars!

To Purchase this Hot N Bothered Book 
Follow this Amazon Link

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Beautiful Disaster (The Bet) By Francette Phal :Review

One Giant Ass Mind Fuck

First off before I dive into the book I need to comment on the cover and the name of the book because it's literally driving me crazy. I can't help but compare it to Beautiful Disaster By Jamie McGuire's Cover. It's too much like Jamie's cover for her B.D. for two reasons. The name is the same and instead of a butterfly like Jamie's B.D it has a Dragonfly. I really almost didn't purchase this book because the cover and name. I am pretty devoted to Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster so this cover and name didn't thrill me. I wish the cover at least was different, but it is not my book I am only voicing an opinion. 

Secondly, the story is good. It's defiantly a unique one and would be even more great if it didn't have the errors it has. It just needs a little TLC touch up.

I am torn about this book so I am just going to say a few things. 
It really does screw with your mind. 
The drama alone in this book sends you over the edge.
Most of the characters are spoiled rich kids that have way too much time on their hands.
The drug scenes we're believable, although I am having difficulties wondering if somewhere out there eighteen year old kids are really doing some of this in real life. The thought alone scares me. The characters we're straight up doing the hard stuff.

The pull between Ellie and Nicky was done just perfectly. And I loved how Ellie was not always a perfect teenager, her character really grows through the story and I enjoyed that.
Nicky on the other hand I wanted to round house to the face more then a few times. Even though he somewhat has a change during the story he still turns out to be a jackass. He does have motive to his jackassery, he has been through a lot growing up and dealing with his disgusting father. 
This book really does pull you a million different ways. So much goes on from beginning to the end. It's worth the read.
I give this read 3.5 stars. If I was basing it on the Story alone it would be 5 stars, it has a lot of potential. Like I said it just needs a little editing TLC. I might even have given it 5 stars if I could find any Sequel News, the ending is just too much of a Cliffy for me not to be able to find any info on a Sequel. 
Other then that it was a great mind blowing read. It's defiantly different. 

Pick up your copy here.

The Day Zombies Ruined my Perfectly Boring Life By Jen Naumann :Review

Oh Jen like I told you before you killed me with this ending it was freakin' awesome! 
OK, down to business people.

The Day Zombies Ruined my Perfectly Boring Life was absolutely hilarious. I laughed so hard with Emma and Cash's banter. They really can't stand one another.
This book is so different from other Zombie books I have read. I enjoyed the comedy in this, it had just enough of love flowing between Finn and Emma to keep me snagged to see what was going to happen between them and enough wittiness to keep me laughing.
I am not going to dive into the story on this one, I am just going to say that it's a fabulous fun read and has an ending you are not going to see coming. Thankful their is a sequel coming for sure. 
If your looking for a Zombie read and you also enjoy witty humor then pick this one up. 
I give this enjoyable read 4 Stars.

Pick up your copy here.

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Make Me Yours By Kendall Ryan Review

I was given an ARC copy of Make Me Yours from Kendall Ryan for an Honest Review.
In Unravel Me we fell in love with Liz and her spunky self.
In Make Me Yours we see that spunky side along with the rest of her.
She's fiesty and well guarded I couldn't quite figure out why and when I did I about burst into tears my chest ached.
Cohen is a well mannered hot sexy guy. His morals alone are swoon worthy and you literally need to be hosed down because a guy like Cohen who is hot and has morals who also happens to be a volunteer firefighter makes your skin so damn hot your set on fire.
Liz is drawn to Cohen like Eve was drawn to the Apple, only there is no evil just pure sex appeal.
Cohen is the hearts and flowery kind who wants more and Liz is determind to stay far far away. But she can't even stay out of his bed even though they have yet to have sex.
They grow closer and while on a Get A Way Weekend Trip with Ashlyn and Aiden things get even more complicated for Liz as she realizes she is developing feelings for Cohen after he has a close call with his nut allergy.
While in the hot tub they hear our Unravel Me couple going at it and they both get worked up as they hear the moans and groans and everything changes.
Even though Cohen is a virgin he is not a sexual invalid. The man can work his tongue.
The way Kendal writes they way Cohen and Liz touch and interact is so sensual, sexual, smoldering and down right swoon worthy. I realize now that I am jealous of these characters.
Everything heats up more as you turn the pages. Example of the heat.
" He had to know what he was asking. The last time we'd been together i'd made it clear that my underwear needed to stay on, otherwise there were no promises of me staying off his cock."
*fans herself*
Liz's story is heart breaking and Cohen's moraled self is enough to read this novel, but added with the sexual tension just makes it that much more satisfying.
I would like to thank Kendall for this chance at reading another one of her masterful pieces of writing.
I give Make Me Yours 5 Golden Stars. It yanked me in every which way.
I would love to give the readers more to go on, but wouldn't want to ruin the story. TRUST ME! It's worth the purchase and the time reading.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Concentrating on Reading and Writing!

Yes I am still doing reviews. I have them written and saved up. I will post them as I get more time. I try to focus on releasing reviews for newer books. I tend to rush those reviews online it's important for those authors.

On older books I promise my reviews will be up very soon, with the Holidays around the corner and Fidelity coming to release in May I need to focus, focus and tons more focus towards that release.

More reviews coming with-in the next few days.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Losing It By Cora Carmack

This is one of those reads you finish and you immediately want to read again asap! I literally got sucked into this book as soon as I started it. I understand the hype now. Losing It is indeed a different kind of story. I was automatically drawn to Bliss she was the most interesting character I have read in a long time.
What twenty-two year old virgin wouldn't be a bit interesting right?

Bliss confides in one of her best friends that she is indeed still a virgin and her friend simply drags her to a pub. The main goal for the night is to find a male to take care of Bliss's problem. She drinks a little bit of liquid courage and they start weighing the options in the pub. As Bliss heads off to the bathroom she comes across a handsome stranger reading Shakespeare in a Pub of all places. She is immediately drawn to him. After all she is studying the ARTS. The air pretty much shifts around these two. Everything about this man screams hot.

I do not want to get into the story to much because it's a very fast read and not a very long one. But, she chickens out during their out and heavy make-put and petting session. Things are going where she wanted them to and now she can't go through with it. So Bliss makes up the most hilarious excuse. And I am telling you now it's beyond laughable.

Things are getting worse and worse because when she walks into class low and behold, Bliss's almost one night stand is her new professor! As if things couldn't get worse. They agree to put the night behind them both. But can they do that when the air literally gets sucked out of their lungs when ever they are around one another?

One night Bliss and her friends get drunk and play spin the bottle, and they all kiss one another, but one of these kisses is with one of her best friends and things get weird when he confesses he's liked Bliss for awhile.
Trapped and confused with this new set of events. Her attraction to her professor and now her best friends set his eyes on her she is more confused then ever.

Losing It is one of those stories that captivates you to keep reading more and more.

I give Losing It 5/5 Stars!

For a copy of Losing It
Just click the link below : )

Losing It At Amazon!

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Devoured By Emily Snow

Thanks to the lovely Emily Snow I received an Advanced Readers Copy. And I am excited to say it's one of the best ARC's I have ever had the honor of reading and reviewing. 

Let me start off by how I loved the whole dynamic of the story. It was well created her teasers helped with getting me; along with countless others readying and waiting for this release. 

I loved everything about Lucas! I love a controlling man, but he was controlling and dominant in the good and extremely sexy ways. 

Sienna was a push over in some ways, I loved her to pieces, but she needed a man like Lucas in her life. 
Lucas and Sienna had a very short past history. And the way I read and understood it; is that Sienna practically haunted him from the moment they met. She was the only one after all not to sleep with our millionaire musician bad boy. 

The sexual chemistry between Sienna and Lucas is spotted dead on as soon as you start reading Devoured. And boy do I love me an angsty romance. 

Sienna hasn't seen Lucas since he basically kicked her to the curb because she wouldn't allow him to be a little kinky in the bedroom two years prior. What she didn't expect was too see Lucas was the one that was threatening her families happiness. Wait!! He had his own motives towards the end that made him a good guy do not hate him yet. Because he is not a character worth loathing. 

He still wants Sienna even after two years of not seeing her. He comes up with a ten day plan where Sienna can not for her own reasons deny his request. After all she pleases everyone, but herself. But she has her reasons and her family is one of them and we all know family comes first.

During their time together the chemistry between the two heats up the pages and I mean scorching freaking hot! He teaches her that she doesn't have to be a pushover and I loved that he did that. 

The title to this book is perfection! Lucas totally devours Sienna. I am not comparing Devoured to any other erotica and romance books out there for many reasons, but the main one is because Emily created a story that I can't compare to others and that I am thankful for. 

I give this beautiful angsty romance story 4.5/5 stars. Only because I wanted more Lucas and Sienna. But then to my surprise Emily has decided to do a Devoured # 2 titled ( Consumed ) I only pray it continues Sienna and Lucas's story. I wish I could give you all readers more to read in this review, but it's a new release and I do not like giving away too much as I tend to think it ruins it for others. 

If you want a sexy steamy angsty and down right hot book you need to follow the links below and buy a copy of Emily Snow's Devoured you will not be disappointed. And besides it's dirt cheap for a new release
$2.99 for a beautiful angsty romance yes please!

You can also reach Emily @ the following links

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White Trash Beautiful (Beautiful Series) - By Teresa Mummert

I have no words. I am beyond speechless I am going to have to come up with something fitting enough for this fantastic story telling. 
First I want to comment on the cover (Absolutely Stunning.)

This poor girl Cass has been through enough bad luck. Her mother is useless and her mother's boyfriend is an absolute jackass. Yes, I know I speak my mind. 
This book is so angsty and raw I freaking loved every bit of it. 
The day Tucker came into the picture I breathed a sigh of relief literally. 

Who says all rock stars are self centered assholes? Not our poor Tucker. What I loved most about Tucker is that he showed Cass there is way more to life then her diner job and her little trailer. 
Like I said I have no words for this read except get it now you will not be disappointed. 
You want to feel heartache and then love then you need to read White Trash Beautiful.
I gave this book 5 Stars for a reason.
I rate books on how they make me feel and this one made me feel every dang emotion. 
Click below to Purchase White Trash Beautiful From Amazon

Fall Guy (A Youngblood Book) By Liz Reinhardt

Hmmm. I just need to get this out there that Winch was one sexy a$$ character! And Evan was equally gorgeous. They come from two different backgrounds.
His family is tight nip almost mob tight.
Winches family is defiantly old school and they practically pick who your going to marry. But, that all changes when he meets the lovely Evan in court. They both are swooped into the same community service as one another when all in fact Winch wants to get as far a way from her as possible. He knows she's trouble he's drawn to her. But will his family approve? Hell no!
Evan holds her own in this novel and I love it. But I found myself wanting to reach into the pages and smack the hell out of Winch a few times for being so naive about helping his older brother stay out of jail and out of trouble.
They fall madly in love and Evan is having a hard time being second to everything Winch stands for. Finally, when Winches brother puts himself in the worst case scenario and Winch is threatened to be put in prison to save his brothers own arse, Evan puts her mighty foot down. 
This is a story about true love and passion that heats up your loins. If you love romance and you love bad boys who aren't really all that bad, then you need to pick this copy up immediately and begin reading. It will not disappoint. The chemistry alone between these two will have you reeling to turn the pages.
I gave this book 4/5 Stars

Here is a link to purchase Fall Guy From Amazon

Curio Vignettes Craving By Cara Mckenna

Not much to say about Didier and Caroly in this third Novella to the series. It's again more about his fright of being outside and exploring his intense relationship with Caroly. I wish these were longer reads. I am having a tough time paying $2.49 for something I can read in fifteen minutes or less. I know it's made for a Quickie read, but in my opinion Cara could so make this a badass full on series with full novels. That's how great these two characters shine. Needless to say I am stricken with the addiction and will continue to pay for each installment. 
4/5 Stars for the third Curio

Unlovable (The Port Fare Series) By Sherry Gammon

Where to begin?

Oh that's right first I want to curse about Maggie's pathetic mother. The fact she called her own daughter unlovable (I swear if I could bitch slap through a book I would.)

I understand that alcoholism is a disease, but that was pushing it too far for me.

The synopsis is not wrong when it says Maggie is the poster child for heroin. The way she looks screams drug user. Even though she is not an abuser she is slowly starting to shrivel away into nothing due to starvation. 

Seth an undercover MET agent is immediately drawn to Maggie. As soon as he started showing interest in her my heart soared that's how bad this poor eighteen year old had it. 

This book will tare you down and then towards the end starts putting you back together again.

I can see why this story is being optioned off for a movie. It's superb! I will defiantly see it on the big screen. 

I gave this book 4/5 stars. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

(A Lux Novel ) Opal Cover Release

I think this cover is absolutely gorgeous! 
Really Excited and Can't Wait to Read this! 
Jennifer L. Armentrout is one talented Author!

Curio (Curio #1) Coercion (Curio #2) By Cara Mckenna

Oh boy! Oi! How in the world am I suppose to dissect this incredible read? 

First off, Cara Mckenna has a knack for drawing us readers in so very easily. 

Didier is a male prostitute and suffers from Agoraphobia from witnessing a tragic accident years prior. He is a very handsome man who sells himself to woman. In my opinion he also does this because he is lonely, but that is just my opinion. 
Caroly is a virgin nearing her thirties, when she makes an appointment with Didier to help her over come her own fears with men. 
These two strike very immediate chemistry in my eyes. 
I don't know what to call this but immediate obsession, after three dates Didier is hooked on Caroly and must go out of his own safety fish bowl and travel to see her. Her funds have left her short from ever seeing Didier again. This is the most saddest, intriguing and unique read I have read in a very long time. I feel real emotions while reading this. 
This first novel in The Curio Series will leave you captivated and memorized by these two strange lovers. 
5/5 Stars

In this second installment of Curio #2 it is written in Didier's POV!
It is nothing but pure unadulterated passion. It's hot and heavy and you can see how much he cares for his beloved Caroly after only a few months. He loves her and is struggling with his feelings and what is best for her. I think his biggest fear is loosing her now that she has come into her own sexuality. This second one has your heart curled and I mean curled so damn tight it feels like your gasping for air in some areas of the small novella read. You feel this mans pain like no other.
I am looking forward to the third installment of this series. 
5/5 Stars

Friday, September 28, 2012

Double Time By Olivia Cunning

I received this book as an ARC in return for an honest review.

All I can say is Wowza! Olivia did it again creating some of the most scorching scenes I have ever read.

I've always loved Trey everything about him is just wonderful. He isn't a perfect man, he has issues. And I love that he flaunts his sexuality the way he wants too. He's comfortable in his own skin.

And we all know how Trey can be a player that is until he meets his match Reagan and her sexy sultry voice.
Not to mention her bi sexual hot room-mate who is also her Ex. His name is Ethan and he is a force all on his own.

Olivia created the most delicious scenes. The Threesomes are tastefully written and panty dropping hot at the same time.

The M/M scenes are very very steamy and those are hard to read, but Olivia makes it easy. The way she flows out each scene is amazing.

Oh hell, the whole book is tastefully written whilst being hot and freaking delicious all at once. If your looking for romance and pure erotica I would defiantly pick up this read.
5/5 Stars For Double Time.

 Pre-Order Double Time From Amazon
Pre Order Double Time Here

My signed Copy Of Stalk Me.

I won this signed copy from IloveYAFiction and Jillian Dodd was kind enough to sign it for me.
My insurance company already hates me because of my extensive book collection and now I am adding signed copies to it. So yeah I am sure my agent wants to shoot me. (Shrugs)

Emily Snow's Devoured News and Give`Away!

I know we are all waiting for this book, but here is some fantastic news.

 Emily is giving away a few items. Check out her Blog for more info. 

Also, the generous Author is giving away Digital ARC Copies of Devoured during the weekend 10-5 in exchange for reviews.  Here is the link to her GoodReads page so you can follow her simple instructions on how to receive a free copy. 

Naked (The Blackstone Affair Part 1) By Raine Miller

I can see why some have mixed feelings about this first book in a trilogy. But, different people like different things. And I for one loved this. I love drama and intense characters.

Ethan is one intense sexy Alpha Male and by gawd the way the Author created and described him I felt like a rabid lioness ready to pounce on this fictional male.

Brynne to me is very naive, well she came off naive to me at least. But, who could resist Ethan? Certainly not I. I am a sucker for them Sexy V Cuts.

Basically Ethan is hired by Brynne's father to protect her. But, he is instantly drawn to her from a photo graph of her naked. Ethan can't stay away from her.

The entire time Brynne is struggling with a past that is still haunting her and Ethan's intensity only worsens her fears. She finally let's go and during a visit to his office she hears a voice mail that changes everything.

I loved the way the Author left the ending of this first book, but had I known I would have held off reading it until the next one is released. I am a very impatient person.

I give this first book 4/5 Stars
You can Purchase this first book just hover and click the link below.
Purchase this Intense Read From Amazon. Just hover and click.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unlikely Allies By Tiffany King

Gosh, where to begin?

I was hooked as soon as I started reading. This book is one of my new top favs. 

Like always I am not going to dive into all the details about the book I think that ruins it. 

Kimberly learns the truth about her father after thinking for eighteen years she didn't have one. She visits him for the summer where she meets Mason. Mason lives with Kimberly's father at the Unlikely Allies Camp. At first we think Mason is threatened by Kimberly, but it turns out there is a huge attraction there.

Mason picks on Kimberly relentlessly and I mean like kindergarten pick on, you know when the boys have a crush and they do everything in their power to piss you off. Ya, that's the kind of hell Mason put Kimberly through. I laughed so much during some of those scenes. They we're perfectly written.

Kimberly is a city girl so it gives Mason all the more reason to tease and taunt her for being up in the wilderness hills. But Kimberly picks up skills quick. 

While one of the campers takes off because she doesn't want to go back living with her father the camp sends out search crews to bring her back. But, Mason and Kimberly have a terrible accident and Kimberly must work hard to save her and Mason's life. They finally admit to one another their feelings, but is it too late? Is the wilderness going to let them survive? Will Kimberly have enough strength left in her to go and get help?

Mason and Kimberly have what I call True Love written all over them. In just a short amount of time they experience so much.

But during the accident Mason and his whole outlook on life is threatened and he looses something important to him something that he uses everyday. Mason loves the outdoors you see and he spends every waken moment outside. So what did he loose? 

Mason falls into depression and he pushes Kimberly far away. Mason has to learn how to live and stop pushing Kimberly away. 

Gosh I want to dive into this book so much more but I hate giving away spoilers even if we can hide them with a spoiler link. This book deserves 5 stars and more. It teaches valuable life lessons and to never take anything for granted ever because one day it might just be gone. 

Hover and click the link below to Purchase Tiffany King's Unlikely Allies From Amazon

Love Unrehearsed By Tina Reber

The long wait finally is over, and it seemed like forever since reading Love Unscripted that we had to wait for Love Unrehearsed. 
As always Taryn and Ryan we're extremely hot. Ryan and Taryn struggle with more drama then I ever thought imaginable from Love Unscripted. They had it ten times fold in this sequel. 
I adore the way Tina created these two characters and how their love seemed more then real.
And the way Taryn helped Ryan along with everything that was thrown at him made me adore her character more. As always Ryan is hot and extremely manly. But I pulled more towards Taryn in this book the things she had to bite her lip about while dealing with Ryan's career would have had me running for the hills. But she stuck through it. I wish we could have experienced a more behind the scenes look though, I don't know how to explain it, but I felt cheated a little. I wanted more Ryan and Taryn and less of the supporting characters. Don't get me wrong I loved all of the characters I just wanted way more Ryan and Taryn. But at least with the roles of the supporting characters the series has room to expand if that's what Tina ends up doing. I was hoping Taryn would find a career along with Ryan but a girl could only dream. It's worth the read and Tina doesn't disappoint us with our Handsome Ryan and Gorgeous Taryn.
I give Love Unrehearsed 4/5 Stars
It's worth the read just hover and click the link below.

Unravel Me By Kendall Ryan

Oh where to start?

I think it's fair to say that I am in fact addicted to Kendall Ryan's writing. For a debut novel this book is superb!

The pull I felt between Ashlyn and "Logan" was extremely passionate. Hell everything about about them two together was extremely passionate. I love a book that has a well written Alpha Male that has a general sweet side to him.

I don't want to dive into the story so here is a little bit of a perspective. Basically "Logan" has amnesia and Ashlyn is studying him. She is immediately drawn to him. She takes him into her wings and tries to help him remember who he is.

During their journey together the attraction keeps pulling them deeper together and they can't fight it anymore. Just as things start to pull and come together Ashlyn digs deeper into finding out who Logan is and things get complicated.

One of Ashlyn's friends recognizes Logan and informs her that Logan is indeed not Logan. Logan is a named tattooed on our sexy Alpha Male, but who is Logan?

My heart broke for Ashlyn as things started coming into place towards the end of the story. But no need to worry I didn't say our sweet Alpha male was sweet for nothing.

I did not want this book to end. The pull literally felt so real I wanted to reach in and snatch Ashlyn out and put myself in her place. I loved everything about this novel. I can't wait to read what Kendall comes up with next.
5 star read and a must!

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Kiss Off By Sarah Billington

I was going through my ebooks and I noticed I did not rate nor review this novel like I should have a little while ago. It was such a great fun read I am kicking myself in the head for not doing this sooner.

Sarah Billington's writing is like a breath of fresh air. It's fun and exciting. This novel follows Poppy a 16 year old youtube singer/songwriter. And she is one vivacious character (Loved Her). Poppy has some words to say about her Ex and she chooses to write and sing them on a video and post them to youtube. What she didn't expect was for the video to go viral literally.
While on a bus going to school she meets Ty, and oh what a fun story that is. Let's just say it involves a happy dog!
Ty doesn't even realize who Poppy is but his band-mates do. They all hit it off and the band covers her famous break up song The Kiss Off. But what Ty and his band don't expect is for that one particular song of Poppy's that they covered is going to make them famous. From the Ex, the best friends, the band-mates,Ty and Poppy comes a story about what can happen over night. And the good and the bad that comes with stardom.
This novel I also think teaches you about the do's and don'ts of the electronic communications we have today.
And let's face it we are all suckers for musicians.
I give The Kiss Off 4/5 Stars
Sarah Billington is by far one of my fav YA Authors.

Hover the Link Below to Purchase The Kiss Off
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I Won Stalk Me. From The Gorgeous Blog I Love YA Fiction!

You know how you always read a book in ebook or any other electronic format and wish you had it in paperback? Well I won a copy in the contest that I Love YA Adult fiction had. Super stoked. YAY me. Now I can kick back with a paperback soon and re-read it.

I Love YA Fiction Website Hover and Click Me

This blog is amazing, you should check it out.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stalk Me. By Jillian Dodd

Ok , so I think everyone that has read Jillian Dodd would agree with me that she is one fantastic creative writer. I think we all fell in love with her writing when That Boy and That Wedding became a sensation. But to get on point here The Keatyn Chronicles is going to be one of those series that we itch and crave for the next one to be released. And this is a six book series how will we survive the release to the next one?

stalk me. Holy Hell!
Keatyn is an amazing character, when I read YA I expect the teenage characters to act teenage. Well Jillian did not disappoint. Keats obviously has a different life then most teenagers after all her Mom and her might as well be Step Dad are famous. But what really impressed me is how well Jillian adapted Keatyn's character to the whole teenage aspect. I was amazed at how well her character was put together, she was loyal to her family and in some ways very mature. Her struggle with love and the boundaries she risks to stay at the top in her school are one hilarious ride. I agree with some that have reviewed stalk me already. It has the mean girls and gossip girl mix all up in it. 

The guys in stalk me OMG! Yes, I know I am not typing up a text but OMG for real! They are some seriously hot arse characters! Especially Cush lord have mercy I am in love. I laughed so hard during some of their scenes. And let me tell you I very much enjoyed Jillian's steamier writing in this book. Because I don't think Cush would be Cush without it. His character is so naughty and lovable. We needed the steamier approach. But we can't forget about B the surfer dude. He was very beach smexy and his character defiantly lived up to the surfer dude stereo-type. Much more hot guys in this book so be prepared to Swoon because they are all very much swoon worthy.

Keats best friends in this book I wanted to smack they are the meanest of mean girls I have ever read. 

Let's not forget about the stalker (squirms) very creepy!

This book is actually a pretty long read, but it's an easy one. So easy to follow.

I am one of the book readers/reviewers who tries very hard not to get into the book but yet voices an opinion at the same time. I do not like giving away plots, scenes or anything else in that matter. This first book in her new series however is yet Jillian's best work. 
The writing is extraordinary and it grips you in quicker then you can say Parcheesi.  

It's a very mature YA book and it's very much worth your time reading and reviewing it. 

Don't waste anytime picking this read up. Here I will even make it easier for you just hover and click below. 
Click Me To Buy Stalk Me.

5 Stars for stalk me.
I don't hand out 5 stars like it's candy I have a rating around 3.5 stars on goodreads. So trust me when I say it's 5 stars!

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Taking on the Dead By Annie Walls Review : Release Celebration

I am going to be honest I find it very hard to get into a Zombie Apocalypse  novel. There have been very few items I have been able to read and just dive into and stay focused on that read in this genre.


Taking on the Dead is by far one of the best books I have read. Annie did an excellent job creating her apocalyptic world. Every detail is written with care.

The Flashback/Nightmare scenes are amazing.  

Her main character heroine Kan is alone for years. She is used to taking care of herself and killing zombies by herself. She lives in a bunker her father started and she had to finish. She hasn't spoken to a living person for years. ( When other characters arrive in the book Annie does an excellent job transitioning Kan with being by herself for so long.) One day nearby her home there is a small four person group that shows up and is being attacked by zombies. Naturally through habit Kan steps in and starts killing. Along this four person group is a guy named Kale; he tells Kan that the other three can't be trusted. Even though Kan is reluctant and doesn't trust all four she still helps them out. And it turns out Kale was telling her the truth about not trusting them. It bites Kan in the arse big time. Things go downhill from there for Kan.

She fights to stay alive. The world she thought she knew is gone and just when she thinks she knows everything there is to know about the zombies/famished she meets the delicious hunk Rudy. Their first encounter is only glances, Kan trusts no-one and has every right not too. During their second encounter it is more then glances, things go horribly wrong. But, Kan and Rudy embark on one scary crazy adventure where Rudy needs Kans help. During an outing Kan is injured and Rudy must put on hold everything and detour his reason for their journey to save Kan. She awakens she is surrounded by the most craziest people. These characters are a hoot they are filthy,raw and some are fun, but some are just as dangerous as the zombies/famished.

Things are never what they really seem and the people you have learned to trust aren't so trustworthy. And, just when you think your most certainly are not.

There are a lot of amazing characters in Taking on the Dead. I wish I could tell you more about these characters because they are awesome. But, if I did that then you would figure things out while reading the book and we don't want that it spoils the fun. I will tell you that Annie created one awesome zombie series. The first book is gritty, raw, emotional, disgusting and so unbelievably real.

The first scene that hooks you in is extremely and I mean extremely emotional and unbelievably detailed. I was not kidding when I said she wrote this book with care. When you read a zombie book or any kind of Apocalypse book there are huge words or dragged out sentences and scenes, but with Taking on the Dead it isn't like that. There is no horrible wording or any confusion about her world at all. But, the detail is there and it makes this book POP! This isn't a love story it's 100% a kickbutt Zombie Book.

This book contains it all.

I am a huge fan of zombies and I will because I can; compare it to The Walking Dead Comics/Graphic Novels. I own The Walking Dead Graphic Novels and I believe that Taking on the Dead the first book in The Famished Trilogy is by far better. When your reading Taking on the Dead the first scene reels you in and it feels as if your living in Kans shoes and experiencing everything she goes through the entire book. There is no pretty in this book it's not some chick novel. This book is for all readers alike. Of course some of the characters are hot and there are characters that have chemistry but this is not a love story.

If your looking for a very graphic world filled with zombies and butt kicking this is the trilogy you have been waiting for.

I am a huge fan of books being turned into T.V Shows/ Movies if they are done correctly. And I will tell you that (The Famished Trilogy) is most defiantly screen worthy.

I am very lucky and honored to have been able to read Taking on the Dead and celebrating the release week with everyone and most importantly Annie. This book is a 5 star read no questions about it. It is one of my new favorite reads to date and it's listed on my re-read shelf for when I am itching for her second book in the trilogy.

Put this first book on your must read and purchase lists now. And prepare for the release of one kick butt zombie trilogies to date!

Book Blurb

You can reach and follow Annie Walls @ the following Links. Just Hover and Clicky Click.

Cosmo's Fifty-One Shades Of Blonde By Jessica Knoll Review

Galley Review
3 stars for a great 31 page read.

Megan is an assistant and freelance writer who gets dirt on Christopher who is a hot shot CEO.
Christopher has Megan in his sites and uses it to his advantage.

He says this one saying that just drew me in to read the rest of the story
"There are fifty shades of blonde in this city, but yours is not like the rest of them."

For a novella read it was very steamy. Of course with a novella you have to jump into the story line rather quickly.

The naughty scenes are very raunchy in a good way.

I will defiantly read more Cosmo Novella's they are fun and quick!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh My Lanta!!

I have been reading so many books I have to take a break and get my reviews done. Blahhhh!

Short Sell, Long Con By Jason C. C

I received this Arc For An Honest Review.

I can't properly review this because I feel I don't read enough in this genre. I really wanted to, but I can't. It's a very fast paced read and Jason did one hell of a job with the narrator POV you feel like your actually there.

These characters reminded me so much of my nerdy brother. It was an exciting read wondering what the hek was going to happen. But, I felt that with all the nerdiness going on I couldn't really follow the read like I wanted too. Math was never a fun subject for me ;)

If your looking for a fun fast paced read then I suggest you read Short Sell, Long Con. If I could get rich like that lord have mercy lol.

I will read more by Jason C.C I like his writing style.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide To Getting Girls : Author Tellulah Darling

I liked this book. It was a little YA adult for me but I still enjoyed the fast fun read. 

I gave it 4 stars because it had a lot of wittiness in it.

There isn't a whole lot I can say about this book without actually giving it away. Basically, her best friend has to teach her how to be a player once her boyfriend dumps her. Well let's just say it all backfires on Sam ;)
And he regrets it the moment he takes her lingerie shopping!!!
But I simply enjoyed the main characters.

If your looking for a fun laughable fast read then pick up this book.

And yes of course the main male lead Sam is deliciously handsome. :) 

And Ally is as clueless as ever in a good way of course.

Some-thing like normal : Author Trish doller

I am trying to find the right words to review this book but I don't think I can.

I was so touched, and reading the entire story from Travis's POV was simply amazing. 
From the moment I started reading I couldn't put this book to the side I had to devour it in one sitting. I cried so hard in some areas of this story. Travis was an amazing character he felt so real and so fresh. 
And Harper was indeed the fresh air that Travis needed to breath after his first tour. Her character was so like-able. 
The end of the story threw me a bit , I was hoping to get to read the next three years of his active duty :( and now I find myself wondering what is to become of Travis and Harper.

Trish Doller did an amazing job!

God bless our active soldiers , marines etc. 

This easy read is deff a 5star must read!

Pushing The Limits : Author Katie McGarry

I need to first congratulate the Author on knowing her facts on manic episodes. For those who know nothing about depression or Bipolar disorder would be confused. She nailed it.

Ok , let's get this started. Echo was an outgoing girl dated the top jock at the school Luke. They we're the "It" Couple. I can't say what happened to Echo without ruining the book for others but something very bad happened and she was changed for life. She visits a clinical therapist counselor at school once a week to try and remember what happened to her.

All she knows is that she hides behind her scars and wants no-one to know about them. Then she literally runs into Noah who also see's the clinical therapist due to his own troubles. They instantly hitch a plan to steal their files from the therapist counselor. Little do they know they have much more in common then what they thought. They instantly become drawn to one another. Noah is a player and a stoner. He used to be just like Luke a jock before his life was changed in the blink of an eye.

The Author did a wonderful job interacting the supporting characters with the main ones. And trust me when I say the supporting characters help make this book better, without them I do not think the raw emotions between Noah and Echo would be as strong. Like I said a lot of the supporting characters play a crucial role in this book.

This book had me crying so much. The emotions were as raw as one can get in reading a novel. I would so love for there to be a follow up on this book. I have never in my life read something so powerful in all my life. The things these characters go through is beyond anything I would ever want to handle. And the truth is stuff like this happens in real life all the time.

This is a 5 star read. DO NOT PASS THIS BOOK UP.