Jade's C. Diaries

Welcome to Manning Maine, South Carolina. At South Carolina's top college a girl named Jade Allen attends— a girl who likes to have fun. A girl who had her heart stepped on by Layden Malcolm, A girl who slept with her gorgeous best friend with his own reputation; Nate the easy lay Williams, A girl who crushes on a stranger from the dorm hallway named Dean Walker a guy who also has a reputation; one with a saying too "Walk-er on outta there". 
What happens when all four collide and you throw a twin brother into that mix and five collide? Jade Allen gets herself stuck in situations with all four men. When you’re being tugged at which way do you go? The best friend who ignored you after some fun? The ex-boyfriend who cheated on you with a fake bimbo blonde? Dean "walk-er on outta there" who she named Mr. Chiseled or the twin who is relentless in pursuing her?
Follow Jade as she mentally curses herself for the situations she finds herself in. She refuses to give away her heart again. Why can't she have a little fun too? Why can't she have a nickname too? She quickly learns she's special to all these men and a storm is quickly brewing. 
She learns you can have mind blowing sex on a card table, bathroom stall, a communal shower in her dorm, a Range Rover and a few other places. 

Follow Jade, her men and her friends in “Jades College Diaries”.

Not intended for readers 17 and under.


Next Novella Little Book Two will be released February 2013 Stay Tuned to follow bat shit cray cray Jade!

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  1. Hi Crystal! I love your books. Thanks for writing. Can you tell us about the book Jade's Diaries #2? Kisses