Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unlikely Allies By Tiffany King

Gosh, where to begin?

I was hooked as soon as I started reading. This book is one of my new top favs. 

Like always I am not going to dive into all the details about the book I think that ruins it. 

Kimberly learns the truth about her father after thinking for eighteen years she didn't have one. She visits him for the summer where she meets Mason. Mason lives with Kimberly's father at the Unlikely Allies Camp. At first we think Mason is threatened by Kimberly, but it turns out there is a huge attraction there.

Mason picks on Kimberly relentlessly and I mean like kindergarten pick on, you know when the boys have a crush and they do everything in their power to piss you off. Ya, that's the kind of hell Mason put Kimberly through. I laughed so much during some of those scenes. They we're perfectly written.

Kimberly is a city girl so it gives Mason all the more reason to tease and taunt her for being up in the wilderness hills. But Kimberly picks up skills quick. 

While one of the campers takes off because she doesn't want to go back living with her father the camp sends out search crews to bring her back. But, Mason and Kimberly have a terrible accident and Kimberly must work hard to save her and Mason's life. They finally admit to one another their feelings, but is it too late? Is the wilderness going to let them survive? Will Kimberly have enough strength left in her to go and get help?

Mason and Kimberly have what I call True Love written all over them. In just a short amount of time they experience so much.

But during the accident Mason and his whole outlook on life is threatened and he looses something important to him something that he uses everyday. Mason loves the outdoors you see and he spends every waken moment outside. So what did he loose? 

Mason falls into depression and he pushes Kimberly far away. Mason has to learn how to live and stop pushing Kimberly away. 

Gosh I want to dive into this book so much more but I hate giving away spoilers even if we can hide them with a spoiler link. This book deserves 5 stars and more. It teaches valuable life lessons and to never take anything for granted ever because one day it might just be gone. 

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Love Unrehearsed By Tina Reber

The long wait finally is over, and it seemed like forever since reading Love Unscripted that we had to wait for Love Unrehearsed. 
As always Taryn and Ryan we're extremely hot. Ryan and Taryn struggle with more drama then I ever thought imaginable from Love Unscripted. They had it ten times fold in this sequel. 
I adore the way Tina created these two characters and how their love seemed more then real.
And the way Taryn helped Ryan along with everything that was thrown at him made me adore her character more. As always Ryan is hot and extremely manly. But I pulled more towards Taryn in this book the things she had to bite her lip about while dealing with Ryan's career would have had me running for the hills. But she stuck through it. I wish we could have experienced a more behind the scenes look though, I don't know how to explain it, but I felt cheated a little. I wanted more Ryan and Taryn and less of the supporting characters. Don't get me wrong I loved all of the characters I just wanted way more Ryan and Taryn. But at least with the roles of the supporting characters the series has room to expand if that's what Tina ends up doing. I was hoping Taryn would find a career along with Ryan but a girl could only dream. It's worth the read and Tina doesn't disappoint us with our Handsome Ryan and Gorgeous Taryn.
I give Love Unrehearsed 4/5 Stars
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Unravel Me By Kendall Ryan

Oh where to start?

I think it's fair to say that I am in fact addicted to Kendall Ryan's writing. For a debut novel this book is superb!

The pull I felt between Ashlyn and "Logan" was extremely passionate. Hell everything about about them two together was extremely passionate. I love a book that has a well written Alpha Male that has a general sweet side to him.

I don't want to dive into the story so here is a little bit of a perspective. Basically "Logan" has amnesia and Ashlyn is studying him. She is immediately drawn to him. She takes him into her wings and tries to help him remember who he is.

During their journey together the attraction keeps pulling them deeper together and they can't fight it anymore. Just as things start to pull and come together Ashlyn digs deeper into finding out who Logan is and things get complicated.

One of Ashlyn's friends recognizes Logan and informs her that Logan is indeed not Logan. Logan is a named tattooed on our sexy Alpha Male, but who is Logan?

My heart broke for Ashlyn as things started coming into place towards the end of the story. But no need to worry I didn't say our sweet Alpha male was sweet for nothing.

I did not want this book to end. The pull literally felt so real I wanted to reach in and snatch Ashlyn out and put myself in her place. I loved everything about this novel. I can't wait to read what Kendall comes up with next.
5 star read and a must!