Friday, January 25, 2013

A Wicked Dream I am so turning into a novel!

I scan through my cards biting my lower lip I know this is my downfall, but yet I choose to give myself away. I look over at him, him being the reason I want to lose. If I lose this card game I will finally get what I want. And what I want is him. Nate—oh god Nate, he is a God a figment in every college girls imagination and dreams. Nate is 6'4'' with sandy blonde hair that hangs down into his eyes and when he runs his hands through it, musing it into his own perfect style it's enough to make your panties wet. His football stocked frame with his proceeding muscles, his tanned skin and his baby blues make him the object of eye fucking for many females and maybe even some men. The party is dwindling down I say dwindling, but really everyone is either passed out or somewhere fucking. I am not trying to win this card game because I want to tangle with Nate and if I win I don't get to do that. I am fucking plastered, but Nate made this deal with me before I got hammered he can't back down now. I can't help but feel as if he wanted this too; he knows I will lose on purpose if it means getting naked with him. "So—whatcha got good lookin'," Nate asks. His voice a low hum that makes my panties dampen. I look down at my cards and see I am holding absolutely nothing of worth. Thank the sex gods! I lay the cards down on the table and reach over to grab the Hennessy pouring us both another shot. He flicks his perfectly shaped eyebrow up laying his cards out showing a royal flush. I smirk pushing his shot towards him. "Looks like I finally get what I want," I purr.
            I watch as Nate downs his shot slamming the shot glass on the table. "Baby—we both get what we want," he says while reaching for my hand pulling me onto the card table. "It's about damn time; I've been chasing this magic stick for two fucking years!" I run my manicured finger across his lip. "We were freshman Jade; I had to test the waters taste all the different flavors. But—now I want the flavor Jade,” he murmurs against my lips. Oh god!  His tongue grazes my lower lip and I whimper. He growls slamming his lips hard against mine. The kiss is frantic, hungry— two years of wicked wanting wrapped up in this forceful kiss. I gasp and Nate takes advantage of my lips parting and when his tongue wraps around mine I lose all control. I scratch at his back bringing him closer to me which only fuels his fire. He lays me down on the card table dragging the hem of my summer dress to my waist. “I wonder if your pussy tastes as good as your kisses,” he growls. This man is skilled his lips never leave mine and I don’t even realize he is dragging my thongs down until I feel the cold air hit my lips. “Well, well look at what we have here,” his fingers dance along my “eat me” tattoo above my pussy. “I lost a bet,” I whisper. “Well since it’s talking to me I guess I should comply,” he breathes. I don’t have a chance to think or have a comeback. This is what I've always wanted Nate. Nate the guy I met at freshman orientation. Nate the guy who has been my best friend for two years the womanizing man whore. All thoughts are lost as his tongue glides against my core. “Give me some help baby,” he brings two fingers to my mouth I don’t hesitate I suck them straight into my mouth. I didn't realize he was such a dirty guy. He pumps his fingers in and out of my mouth a few times before dragging them down to my pussy. As his now wet fingers glide inside he nips my clit in-between his teeth and lightly tugs. My eyes roll in the back of my head as he pumps and licks my core to pieces. My legs begin to shake. “That’s it Jade baby let it go, give it all to me,” his plea muffled. “Nate—,” I moan. All my senses are gone I feel weightless as I come around his long fingers and his gorgeous mouth. 


Copyright © 2013 by Crystal D. Spears

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Calling All ARC LOVERS ♥♥

Calling All ARC LOVERS ♥

Who wants an ARC of My Real Smile the first Novella in the Smile Novella Trilogy? 

ARCS go out Next Week, first come first serve. 

A few little rules.
ARCS are not to be re-distributed. Add My Real Smile to your to-reads list on goodreads. If you receive an ARC; reviews must be posted to Goodreads within a week of receiving. Once My Real Smile re-releases on Amazon reviews will also need posted on there as well. I am sending out 20 ARCS ♥

Anyone interested email me at the following. Title it with "ARC SMILE"

To Add My Real Smile To Your Goodreads To-Read List Follow The Link
My Real Smile Link

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Small Snip teaser of Fidelity

I've been so busy I forgot to share with ya'll a short snippet for Fidelity. 
I know I am slackin' :(

“Sas—i’m okay so is Alec, but it doesn't look like Kai will be,” she pushes me off of her and points. I look over and sure enough he’s still doubled over. I cross my arms over my chest while sitting up in the sand. “Well now you see the extent of your stupidity and yet another reason not to piss me off, now you know what happens when you put people I love in danger,” I shrug.
“You love me too, yet, here I sit with my balls in my throat,” Kai roars out through clenched teeth.

Add Fidelity to your Goodreads to-read list

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Life

So those who know me know my family bought a new jeep for our Christmas.
Well I live in the country like deep country where my wifi acts up and is most of the time slow.
So what happens when you live deep in the countryside? Everyone knows everyone! Well to start my storytelling I take aspirin everyday and I decide to run down to the little country store for my aspirin and Mountain Dew Code Red fix. I pull into the little store and hop out, it's pouring down rain so I take off running into the store. Not even mere seconds of entering the store my Jeep Alarm is going off like mad crazy! GET THIS! I didn't even know I had a freaking alarm! HOW PATHETIC! Goes to show you how much I pay attention when you stick something shiny and new in my face! So here I am hitting the unlock button on my key-chain and it still won't stop! Store employee who I've known for years comes out saying "Crystal is that your car doing that?" *Facepalm* "Yes! I am so, so very sorry!" I apologize and apologize. I can't get the thing to shut up! It's embarrassing and those who know me, know I don't do well under an extreme amount of anxiety. I'm practically in tears everyone is looking at me and I don't know how to shut my annoying alarm off. A friend of a friend says "Try driving it down the road, let it know it's not stolen by starting it up and driving. Electronics are funny like that," says friend of friend. Oh great! So it might be an electronic problem I am cursing mentally, LIKE I NEED ANOTHER PROBLEM! I get in my jeep and take off down the road all the while, my alarm is going off, my flashers won't turn off and people are looking out their windows trying to figure out what that god awful noise is coming through this small little town. I cut the wheel and do a turn and finally it shuts off! I've never been so angry, frustrated, humiliated, horrified in my life! And the messed up thing is while having all these emotions fly through me and tears streaming my eyes I can't help but laugh because if I didn't have anxiety issues I would actually find this funny! I get home and I throw the keys at Brad and say call the Da*n shop tomorrow and I go to my writing cave and slam the door! 

That's it Lovebugs I've hit my stress level for the day; yeah I sure have!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hard to Love By Kendall Ryan Review

I received this ARC for an honest review and I am going to do just that. Be honest as I always am. 
I need to start this review off by saying that all of Kendall's characters are shamefully amazing no matter which book, they are all freaking amazing. So let's get to Hard to Love. I was excited about this book because it was different. Really a porn star? HOT DAMN! I absolutely fell in love with Cade! Who in the hell in their right mind wouldn't? He sacrificed his pride of being a damn porn star to make enough money to take care of his little sister. Not only that he was gorgeous on top of all this. The poor guy had shit for parents and the world kept handing him lemons and by god he squeezed them damn lemons and made his life revolve around this special little girl named Lily. My heart broke, tore down to nothing, all that was left was this huge gaping whole in my chest when I read what this man and his poor sister had been through. What broke it the most was the fact here is this amazing little girl with this disease and she bounced around keeping a smile on her damn face as if nothing was wrong with her. And for that age that was amazing, her character alone was enough to keep me reading. What got me even more was Alexa bound and determined to be a part of Cade and Lily's life no matter how much Cade pushed her away. He had his reasons. He had a little girl to think about. He had that little girls heart to think about. What would happen if little Lily fell in love with Alexa and just upped and left them both? Cade had nothing but doubts and questions left in his head, with good reason and cause. I loved how Alexa's character was noble, sweet and caring. She was absolutely a force all on her own devoting her life to everyone. I won't go into details, but her best friend calls all this out in the book and it makes you fall in love with her. Cade is hot and mixed with the sweet and caring Alexa it heated up the pages. Once again Kendall made love scenes sizzle scorching your finger tips as you eagerly and impatiently flipped the pages yearning for more. Not only is this read full of love, heartbreak it has witty banter from Cade that made me laugh my ass off. Here are two of my favorite quotes by his POV from the beginning of the read. 
"Dammit. I knew a four-hour erection wasn't normal."  

"It was as if my dick thought we were here to pick up a willing participant to ease his discomfort. Sadly,no, little man. I felt his pain."

I give this read 5 stars and 5 hearts
You will miss out by not reading this. It's a fast read, but yet it is filled with everything.

To purchase Hard to Love by Lady Kendall Ryan Click below.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Author/Writer/Reviewer and Blogger Facebook Appreciation Days

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sneak Peek Into One of Saskia and Kai's Love Scenes ♥

Fidelity is being beta read and in final edits. The entire novel is finished. This scene might change an inch, but not by much. Here you go. ♥

“Good morning Kai,” I cover my mouth with the blanket. He laughs. “What are you doing silly girl,” he jerks the blanket away from my face. I pull it back. “Morning breath for the both of us,” I muffle through the blanket he just grins. “You know how many visions I’ve had of watching you sleep and wake? I didn’t think you could look more beautiful, but in person it’s much better,” he quietly says while running his fingers through my hair again. His fingers slide against my cheek causing me to whimper. Lightning bolts, fireworks and love floods through me. “Kai—,” I look into his eyes. “I do love you, I don’t know why or how because I know nothing about you, yet you know everything about me and here I still love you,” I close my eyes and I feel him shift laying his body on mine. “Open those beautiful gray eyes baby,” I do and my breath escapes my lips as I see the desire in his beautiful green eyes. I run my fingers through his sexy hair. “Jesus,” he closes his eyes and when they open all I see is lust; lust I know is only for me. Wicked desire screams through my entire body.
          “Kai,” I whisper. “Make love to me please,” I pull his head down pressing my lips lightly against his. “Baby, are you sure,” his question asked upon my lips; I’m lost with the gentle graze of his breath and lips against mine, when I don’t respond he pulls away searching my eyes. “I’m sure,” he nods removing the rest of the towel that didn’t fully slip away as we slept. His is no longer wrapped around his waist. I run my hands up his very muscular arms down his chest tracing the intricate design of his tattoo. He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen my gaze wanders further down along with my fingers, dragging my nails across his sculpted abs. He gasps. I look up into his eyes and he leans his forehead to mine his eyes staring directly into my soul.  I feel stripped bare in that moment. This beautiful man has been watching me for years. He knows me. He feels me. He understands me probably better than I understand myself, but yet with him staring directly into my soul it’s the most intimate feeling I’ve ever felt and I know right then I never want that feeling to ever go away or disappear. I close my eyes memorizing his touch when he kisses my closed eyelids, nose, cheeks and a beautifully light kiss upon my lips before trailing his gorgeous mouth along my neck. I run my hands around to his back gripping him tighter against me. I feel his grin against my collar bone. “I love you Kai,” he sits up. “I love you too baby so much,” he scoots further down and I frown as he moves away. He chuckles. “I’m not going anywhere gorgeous.” His fingers dance their way up my legs stopping where I’ve saved myself for just him. He nudges my legs apart with his knees, gazing at me with hooded eyes leaning down running his tongue along my upper thigh. I let out a whimper, it’s like he’s savoring the moment moving so slowly, gently and ever so lovingly.
          “Baby, you are the most stunning,” kiss “gorgeous,” kiss “enchanting,” kiss “woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.” My heart flutters with his declaration. “I will cherish you forever Saskia, forever,” he murmurs against my sex.
          He takes his long fingers spreading me wide open licking my folds I moan when he pushes two fingers inside.
          “Oh baby your so wet, tight and ready for me,” he sucks my clit between his teeth while pushing his fingers slowly in and out. My legs start to shake my entire body quivering, my heart starts pounding and I feel like I am drifting into a beautiful wonderland. I come down from the most immense feeling. I lay with my entire body completely immobilized.
          “You okay baby?”
“Saskia,” he whispers against my lips. Wow when did he move?  
Kai chuckles against my lips. “We’re not done yet baby,” my eyes flutter open. I grin at this gorgeous creature.
          I look down gasping when I see his large hard cock. “Oh my, ugh Kai,” I say while gazing at his extremely hard erection.
          “Don’t worry I’ll go slow at first,” he assures me with the most passionate kiss. His tongue eases between my lips as soon as mine meets his he groans becoming frantic and forceful wrapping one of his large hands around my neck; my toes curl as our tongues dance with force and love. He pulls back biting on my lower lip before pecking one more time.
          “You ready baby, god please say you are,” I can do nothing but nod and smile. “Hell yes,”

© Copyright by Crystal D. Spears 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Kendall Ryan Releases Coming Soon Yay!

Expected Pub Date Jan 16,2013
Synopsis from Goodreads

Cade’s always taken risks…

Cade takes cares of his sick younger sister by doing what he does best--cage fighting and fu--er, starring in adult movies, his newest harebrained moneymaking scheme designed to pay for his sister’s growing medical bills. But when his latest gig finds him admitted to the ER sporting an erection from hell, thanks to the little pill given to him by the director, he can’t get the pretty little nurse who treated him out of his head, even though he knows she’s so far out of his league it should be illegal. 

Alexa’s always played it safe…

Tired of being pigeonholed as the sweet, innocent one, hardworking nursing student Alexa has been looking for ways to break out of her Goody Two-shoes image. When her friend suggests the outlandish idea of losing her virginity to the sexy and sure-to-be-skilled porn star, Alexa is mortified. But then when Cade refuses her proposition, she finds herself pissed off and embarrassed. When she tracks him down to give him a piece of her mind, she isn’t prepared for what she finds. Watching him care for his little sister tugs at her heart, and suddenly it’s no longer just about losing her virginity, but about helping Cade. Because Lord help her, she might actually be falling for a porn star…
Expected Pub Date May 2013

Synopsis from Goodreads

Agent Cole Fletcher lives for his job at the FBI, and he’s more than ready for his next assignment—raiding a cult compound and putting their leader behind bars. But he isn’t prepared for Savannah and her knock you on your ass good looks. At nineteen, she’s too old for foster care and too damaged to live on her own. With nowhere else to go, and against his better judgment Cole takes her in. 

But helping her out won’t be easy. He helps her through screaming nightmares and escaping the lingering fears, and that’s the easy part. Her preference to sleep cuddled up next to his warm body, and her desire to please him in every way make her harder and harder to resist.

Are ya'll ready for more Lady Kendall? 
Add to your goodreads to read list now with the links below.

♥ Miss Chris

Friday, January 4, 2013

Fight With Me By Kristen Proby Review

Hmm. Where to begin? 
I think I will start off with Nate; he is just absolutely delicious. I love a good alpha male character and I loved how he dominated Jules. I was shocked at how easily she let Nate dominate her because she herself is a strong character, but they just fit so well together. What I enjoyed most about Fight With Me was the fact the story started out fast. Sometimes a book just needs the chemistry to lead up quickly so you can enjoy other types of plots etc. Lady Proby did not disappoint with the hawtness once again. The caliber of sexiness and rawness in Fight With Me was brilliant. When I am looking for a hot read I will most definitely re-read Fight With Me. 

Favorite Quote That I most definitely had to highlight on my Kindle.

“I figured, what’s the point?   You’ll just rip them off me anyway.”  
 I giggle and he drops to his knees, hitching my legs over his shoulders.

And now I find myself anxiously awaiting the next in the Series! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Five Sexy Hearts for this sexy novel :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fidelity Is Almost Here!

Since insomnia is kicking my butt because I can't shut my brain off, 
I decided to share a little of "Fidelity" with ya'll. You ready for a kick-ass Dystopian Novel?
Almost Two Years And It's Finally Almost Here ♥

I don't know why our world is overrun with ruins and our population is scattered so far off in the distance it feels as if your alone but really we're over populated says the government. The truth is no-one knows when this happened because it’s been so long ago everyone has forgotten about it. Only the government knows what year it is, even if they are still counting the years. Everyone just sits and waits for their vision and if they don't get one they simply die unhappy with their "unloved". I guess I should explain the visions huh? OK well first off the short version is the government did experiments on brain chemicals but the kicker, it was on live human beings. They wanted to control the population. They didn't expect it would go horribly wrong. Instead of the "Love Visions" actually working everyone just gave up and started living unhappily together; couples forming and having children passing down the mutated version of the governments retched botched experiments. Bet they didn't expect people would go on even without love. Stories have it, very few have actually had actual visions finding love.
It’s sad really what else is there to look forward to besides your vision? We eat, sleep and survive one day at a time. There has to me more to my life than that. I have heard such enchanting stories about ones who have found one another through love visions. I want mine. I want love. I want happiness.
I will tell you one thing, they didn't anticipate me. They didn't expect not only would I be able to have a vision, but to actually interact with him; talk with him. We could touch!
We would find one another even if we died trying. Even, if they chased us to the ends of this miserable cloudy mucky muddy world. Kai Kingsley is mine and I will have him and he will have me Saskia Batron.