Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Losing It By Cora Carmack

This is one of those reads you finish and you immediately want to read again asap! I literally got sucked into this book as soon as I started it. I understand the hype now. Losing It is indeed a different kind of story. I was automatically drawn to Bliss she was the most interesting character I have read in a long time.
What twenty-two year old virgin wouldn't be a bit interesting right?

Bliss confides in one of her best friends that she is indeed still a virgin and her friend simply drags her to a pub. The main goal for the night is to find a male to take care of Bliss's problem. She drinks a little bit of liquid courage and they start weighing the options in the pub. As Bliss heads off to the bathroom she comes across a handsome stranger reading Shakespeare in a Pub of all places. She is immediately drawn to him. After all she is studying the ARTS. The air pretty much shifts around these two. Everything about this man screams hot.

I do not want to get into the story to much because it's a very fast read and not a very long one. But, she chickens out during their out and heavy make-put and petting session. Things are going where she wanted them to and now she can't go through with it. So Bliss makes up the most hilarious excuse. And I am telling you now it's beyond laughable.

Things are getting worse and worse because when she walks into class low and behold, Bliss's almost one night stand is her new professor! As if things couldn't get worse. They agree to put the night behind them both. But can they do that when the air literally gets sucked out of their lungs when ever they are around one another?

One night Bliss and her friends get drunk and play spin the bottle, and they all kiss one another, but one of these kisses is with one of her best friends and things get weird when he confesses he's liked Bliss for awhile.
Trapped and confused with this new set of events. Her attraction to her professor and now her best friends set his eyes on her she is more confused then ever.

Losing It is one of those stories that captivates you to keep reading more and more.

I give Losing It 5/5 Stars!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Devoured By Emily Snow

Thanks to the lovely Emily Snow I received an Advanced Readers Copy. And I am excited to say it's one of the best ARC's I have ever had the honor of reading and reviewing. 

Let me start off by how I loved the whole dynamic of the story. It was well created her teasers helped with getting me; along with countless others readying and waiting for this release. 

I loved everything about Lucas! I love a controlling man, but he was controlling and dominant in the good and extremely sexy ways. 

Sienna was a push over in some ways, I loved her to pieces, but she needed a man like Lucas in her life. 
Lucas and Sienna had a very short past history. And the way I read and understood it; is that Sienna practically haunted him from the moment they met. She was the only one after all not to sleep with our millionaire musician bad boy. 

The sexual chemistry between Sienna and Lucas is spotted dead on as soon as you start reading Devoured. And boy do I love me an angsty romance. 

Sienna hasn't seen Lucas since he basically kicked her to the curb because she wouldn't allow him to be a little kinky in the bedroom two years prior. What she didn't expect was too see Lucas was the one that was threatening her families happiness. Wait!! He had his own motives towards the end that made him a good guy do not hate him yet. Because he is not a character worth loathing. 

He still wants Sienna even after two years of not seeing her. He comes up with a ten day plan where Sienna can not for her own reasons deny his request. After all she pleases everyone, but herself. But she has her reasons and her family is one of them and we all know family comes first.

During their time together the chemistry between the two heats up the pages and I mean scorching freaking hot! He teaches her that she doesn't have to be a pushover and I loved that he did that. 

The title to this book is perfection! Lucas totally devours Sienna. I am not comparing Devoured to any other erotica and romance books out there for many reasons, but the main one is because Emily created a story that I can't compare to others and that I am thankful for. 

I give this beautiful angsty romance story 4.5/5 stars. Only because I wanted more Lucas and Sienna. But then to my surprise Emily has decided to do a Devoured # 2 titled ( Consumed ) I only pray it continues Sienna and Lucas's story. I wish I could give you all readers more to read in this review, but it's a new release and I do not like giving away too much as I tend to think it ruins it for others. 

If you want a sexy steamy angsty and down right hot book you need to follow the links below and buy a copy of Emily Snow's Devoured you will not be disappointed. And besides it's dirt cheap for a new release
$2.99 for a beautiful angsty romance yes please!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

White Trash Beautiful (Beautiful Series) - By Teresa Mummert

I have no words. I am beyond speechless I am going to have to come up with something fitting enough for this fantastic story telling. 
First I want to comment on the cover (Absolutely Stunning.)

This poor girl Cass has been through enough bad luck. Her mother is useless and her mother's boyfriend is an absolute jackass. Yes, I know I speak my mind. 
This book is so angsty and raw I freaking loved every bit of it. 
The day Tucker came into the picture I breathed a sigh of relief literally. 

Who says all rock stars are self centered assholes? Not our poor Tucker. What I loved most about Tucker is that he showed Cass there is way more to life then her diner job and her little trailer. 
Like I said I have no words for this read except get it now you will not be disappointed. 
You want to feel heartache and then love then you need to read White Trash Beautiful.
I gave this book 5 Stars for a reason.
I rate books on how they make me feel and this one made me feel every dang emotion. 
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Fall Guy (A Youngblood Book) By Liz Reinhardt

Hmmm. I just need to get this out there that Winch was one sexy a$$ character! And Evan was equally gorgeous. They come from two different backgrounds.
His family is tight nip almost mob tight.
Winches family is defiantly old school and they practically pick who your going to marry. But, that all changes when he meets the lovely Evan in court. They both are swooped into the same community service as one another when all in fact Winch wants to get as far a way from her as possible. He knows she's trouble he's drawn to her. But will his family approve? Hell no!
Evan holds her own in this novel and I love it. But I found myself wanting to reach into the pages and smack the hell out of Winch a few times for being so naive about helping his older brother stay out of jail and out of trouble.
They fall madly in love and Evan is having a hard time being second to everything Winch stands for. Finally, when Winches brother puts himself in the worst case scenario and Winch is threatened to be put in prison to save his brothers own arse, Evan puts her mighty foot down. 
This is a story about true love and passion that heats up your loins. If you love romance and you love bad boys who aren't really all that bad, then you need to pick this copy up immediately and begin reading. It will not disappoint. The chemistry alone between these two will have you reeling to turn the pages.
I gave this book 4/5 Stars

Here is a link to purchase Fall Guy From Amazon

Curio Vignettes Craving By Cara Mckenna

Not much to say about Didier and Caroly in this third Novella to the series. It's again more about his fright of being outside and exploring his intense relationship with Caroly. I wish these were longer reads. I am having a tough time paying $2.49 for something I can read in fifteen minutes or less. I know it's made for a Quickie read, but in my opinion Cara could so make this a badass full on series with full novels. That's how great these two characters shine. Needless to say I am stricken with the addiction and will continue to pay for each installment. 
4/5 Stars for the third Curio

Unlovable (The Port Fare Series) By Sherry Gammon

Where to begin?

Oh that's right first I want to curse about Maggie's pathetic mother. The fact she called her own daughter unlovable (I swear if I could bitch slap through a book I would.)

I understand that alcoholism is a disease, but that was pushing it too far for me.

The synopsis is not wrong when it says Maggie is the poster child for heroin. The way she looks screams drug user. Even though she is not an abuser she is slowly starting to shrivel away into nothing due to starvation. 

Seth an undercover MET agent is immediately drawn to Maggie. As soon as he started showing interest in her my heart soared that's how bad this poor eighteen year old had it. 

This book will tare you down and then towards the end starts putting you back together again.

I can see why this story is being optioned off for a movie. It's superb! I will defiantly see it on the big screen. 

I gave this book 4/5 stars. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

(A Lux Novel ) Opal Cover Release

I think this cover is absolutely gorgeous! 
Really Excited and Can't Wait to Read this! 
Jennifer L. Armentrout is one talented Author!

Curio (Curio #1) Coercion (Curio #2) By Cara Mckenna

Oh boy! Oi! How in the world am I suppose to dissect this incredible read? 

First off, Cara Mckenna has a knack for drawing us readers in so very easily. 

Didier is a male prostitute and suffers from Agoraphobia from witnessing a tragic accident years prior. He is a very handsome man who sells himself to woman. In my opinion he also does this because he is lonely, but that is just my opinion. 
Caroly is a virgin nearing her thirties, when she makes an appointment with Didier to help her over come her own fears with men. 
These two strike very immediate chemistry in my eyes. 
I don't know what to call this but immediate obsession, after three dates Didier is hooked on Caroly and must go out of his own safety fish bowl and travel to see her. Her funds have left her short from ever seeing Didier again. This is the most saddest, intriguing and unique read I have read in a very long time. I feel real emotions while reading this. 
This first novel in The Curio Series will leave you captivated and memorized by these two strange lovers. 
5/5 Stars

In this second installment of Curio #2 it is written in Didier's POV!
It is nothing but pure unadulterated passion. It's hot and heavy and you can see how much he cares for his beloved Caroly after only a few months. He loves her and is struggling with his feelings and what is best for her. I think his biggest fear is loosing her now that she has come into her own sexuality. This second one has your heart curled and I mean curled so damn tight it feels like your gasping for air in some areas of the small novella read. You feel this mans pain like no other.
I am looking forward to the third installment of this series. 
5/5 Stars