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Stalk Me. By Jillian Dodd

Ok , so I think everyone that has read Jillian Dodd would agree with me that she is one fantastic creative writer. I think we all fell in love with her writing when That Boy and That Wedding became a sensation. But to get on point here The Keatyn Chronicles is going to be one of those series that we itch and crave for the next one to be released. And this is a six book series how will we survive the release to the next one?

stalk me. Holy Hell!
Keatyn is an amazing character, when I read YA I expect the teenage characters to act teenage. Well Jillian did not disappoint. Keats obviously has a different life then most teenagers after all her Mom and her might as well be Step Dad are famous. But what really impressed me is how well Jillian adapted Keatyn's character to the whole teenage aspect. I was amazed at how well her character was put together, she was loyal to her family and in some ways very mature. Her struggle with love and the boundaries she risks to stay at the top in her school are one hilarious ride. I agree with some that have reviewed stalk me already. It has the mean girls and gossip girl mix all up in it. 

The guys in stalk me OMG! Yes, I know I am not typing up a text but OMG for real! They are some seriously hot arse characters! Especially Cush lord have mercy I am in love. I laughed so hard during some of their scenes. And let me tell you I very much enjoyed Jillian's steamier writing in this book. Because I don't think Cush would be Cush without it. His character is so naughty and lovable. We needed the steamier approach. But we can't forget about B the surfer dude. He was very beach smexy and his character defiantly lived up to the surfer dude stereo-type. Much more hot guys in this book so be prepared to Swoon because they are all very much swoon worthy.

Keats best friends in this book I wanted to smack they are the meanest of mean girls I have ever read. 

Let's not forget about the stalker (squirms) very creepy!

This book is actually a pretty long read, but it's an easy one. So easy to follow.

I am one of the book readers/reviewers who tries very hard not to get into the book but yet voices an opinion at the same time. I do not like giving away plots, scenes or anything else in that matter. This first book in her new series however is yet Jillian's best work. 
The writing is extraordinary and it grips you in quicker then you can say Parcheesi.  

It's a very mature YA book and it's very much worth your time reading and reviewing it. 

Don't waste anytime picking this read up. Here I will even make it easier for you just hover and click below. 
Click Me To Buy Stalk Me.

5 Stars for stalk me.
I don't hand out 5 stars like it's candy I have a rating around 3.5 stars on goodreads. So trust me when I say it's 5 stars!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Taking on the Dead By Annie Walls Review : Release Celebration

I am going to be honest I find it very hard to get into a Zombie Apocalypse  novel. There have been very few items I have been able to read and just dive into and stay focused on that read in this genre.


Taking on the Dead is by far one of the best books I have read. Annie did an excellent job creating her apocalyptic world. Every detail is written with care.

The Flashback/Nightmare scenes are amazing.  

Her main character heroine Kan is alone for years. She is used to taking care of herself and killing zombies by herself. She lives in a bunker her father started and she had to finish. She hasn't spoken to a living person for years. ( When other characters arrive in the book Annie does an excellent job transitioning Kan with being by herself for so long.) One day nearby her home there is a small four person group that shows up and is being attacked by zombies. Naturally through habit Kan steps in and starts killing. Along this four person group is a guy named Kale; he tells Kan that the other three can't be trusted. Even though Kan is reluctant and doesn't trust all four she still helps them out. And it turns out Kale was telling her the truth about not trusting them. It bites Kan in the arse big time. Things go downhill from there for Kan.

She fights to stay alive. The world she thought she knew is gone and just when she thinks she knows everything there is to know about the zombies/famished she meets the delicious hunk Rudy. Their first encounter is only glances, Kan trusts no-one and has every right not too. During their second encounter it is more then glances, things go horribly wrong. But, Kan and Rudy embark on one scary crazy adventure where Rudy needs Kans help. During an outing Kan is injured and Rudy must put on hold everything and detour his reason for their journey to save Kan. She awakens she is surrounded by the most craziest people. These characters are a hoot they are filthy,raw and some are fun, but some are just as dangerous as the zombies/famished.

Things are never what they really seem and the people you have learned to trust aren't so trustworthy. And, just when you think your most certainly are not.

There are a lot of amazing characters in Taking on the Dead. I wish I could tell you more about these characters because they are awesome. But, if I did that then you would figure things out while reading the book and we don't want that it spoils the fun. I will tell you that Annie created one awesome zombie series. The first book is gritty, raw, emotional, disgusting and so unbelievably real.

The first scene that hooks you in is extremely and I mean extremely emotional and unbelievably detailed. I was not kidding when I said she wrote this book with care. When you read a zombie book or any kind of Apocalypse book there are huge words or dragged out sentences and scenes, but with Taking on the Dead it isn't like that. There is no horrible wording or any confusion about her world at all. But, the detail is there and it makes this book POP! This isn't a love story it's 100% a kickbutt Zombie Book.

This book contains it all.

I am a huge fan of zombies and I will because I can; compare it to The Walking Dead Comics/Graphic Novels. I own The Walking Dead Graphic Novels and I believe that Taking on the Dead the first book in The Famished Trilogy is by far better. When your reading Taking on the Dead the first scene reels you in and it feels as if your living in Kans shoes and experiencing everything she goes through the entire book. There is no pretty in this book it's not some chick novel. This book is for all readers alike. Of course some of the characters are hot and there are characters that have chemistry but this is not a love story.

If your looking for a very graphic world filled with zombies and butt kicking this is the trilogy you have been waiting for.

I am a huge fan of books being turned into T.V Shows/ Movies if they are done correctly. And I will tell you that (The Famished Trilogy) is most defiantly screen worthy.

I am very lucky and honored to have been able to read Taking on the Dead and celebrating the release week with everyone and most importantly Annie. This book is a 5 star read no questions about it. It is one of my new favorite reads to date and it's listed on my re-read shelf for when I am itching for her second book in the trilogy.

Put this first book on your must read and purchase lists now. And prepare for the release of one kick butt zombie trilogies to date!

Book Blurb

You can reach and follow Annie Walls @ the following Links. Just Hover and Clicky Click.

Cosmo's Fifty-One Shades Of Blonde By Jessica Knoll Review

Galley Review
3 stars for a great 31 page read.

Megan is an assistant and freelance writer who gets dirt on Christopher who is a hot shot CEO.
Christopher has Megan in his sites and uses it to his advantage.

He says this one saying that just drew me in to read the rest of the story
"There are fifty shades of blonde in this city, but yours is not like the rest of them."

For a novella read it was very steamy. Of course with a novella you have to jump into the story line rather quickly.

The naughty scenes are very raunchy in a good way.

I will defiantly read more Cosmo Novella's they are fun and quick!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh My Lanta!!

I have been reading so many books I have to take a break and get my reviews done. Blahhhh!

Short Sell, Long Con By Jason C. C

I received this Arc For An Honest Review.

I can't properly review this because I feel I don't read enough in this genre. I really wanted to, but I can't. It's a very fast paced read and Jason did one hell of a job with the narrator POV you feel like your actually there.

These characters reminded me so much of my nerdy brother. It was an exciting read wondering what the hek was going to happen. But, I felt that with all the nerdiness going on I couldn't really follow the read like I wanted too. Math was never a fun subject for me ;)

If your looking for a fun fast paced read then I suggest you read Short Sell, Long Con. If I could get rich like that lord have mercy lol.

I will read more by Jason C.C I like his writing style.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide To Getting Girls : Author Tellulah Darling

I liked this book. It was a little YA adult for me but I still enjoyed the fast fun read. 

I gave it 4 stars because it had a lot of wittiness in it.

There isn't a whole lot I can say about this book without actually giving it away. Basically, her best friend has to teach her how to be a player once her boyfriend dumps her. Well let's just say it all backfires on Sam ;)
And he regrets it the moment he takes her lingerie shopping!!!
But I simply enjoyed the main characters.

If your looking for a fun laughable fast read then pick up this book.

And yes of course the main male lead Sam is deliciously handsome. :) 

And Ally is as clueless as ever in a good way of course.

Some-thing like normal : Author Trish doller

I am trying to find the right words to review this book but I don't think I can.

I was so touched, and reading the entire story from Travis's POV was simply amazing. 
From the moment I started reading I couldn't put this book to the side I had to devour it in one sitting. I cried so hard in some areas of this story. Travis was an amazing character he felt so real and so fresh. 
And Harper was indeed the fresh air that Travis needed to breath after his first tour. Her character was so like-able. 
The end of the story threw me a bit , I was hoping to get to read the next three years of his active duty :( and now I find myself wondering what is to become of Travis and Harper.

Trish Doller did an amazing job!

God bless our active soldiers , marines etc. 

This easy read is deff a 5star must read!

Pushing The Limits : Author Katie McGarry

I need to first congratulate the Author on knowing her facts on manic episodes. For those who know nothing about depression or Bipolar disorder would be confused. She nailed it.

Ok , let's get this started. Echo was an outgoing girl dated the top jock at the school Luke. They we're the "It" Couple. I can't say what happened to Echo without ruining the book for others but something very bad happened and she was changed for life. She visits a clinical therapist counselor at school once a week to try and remember what happened to her.

All she knows is that she hides behind her scars and wants no-one to know about them. Then she literally runs into Noah who also see's the clinical therapist due to his own troubles. They instantly hitch a plan to steal their files from the therapist counselor. Little do they know they have much more in common then what they thought. They instantly become drawn to one another. Noah is a player and a stoner. He used to be just like Luke a jock before his life was changed in the blink of an eye.

The Author did a wonderful job interacting the supporting characters with the main ones. And trust me when I say the supporting characters help make this book better, without them I do not think the raw emotions between Noah and Echo would be as strong. Like I said a lot of the supporting characters play a crucial role in this book.

This book had me crying so much. The emotions were as raw as one can get in reading a novel. I would so love for there to be a follow up on this book. I have never in my life read something so powerful in all my life. The things these characters go through is beyond anything I would ever want to handle. And the truth is stuff like this happens in real life all the time.

This is a 5 star read. DO NOT PASS THIS BOOK UP.

If I Were You : Author Lisa Renee Jones

The entire time reading this I thought what is going on??? I couldn't figure out Chris's intentions. Now, Mark on the other hand during his moments in the book I felt off balanced I have no words. His character was deeply intimidating. This book is so much more then I thought it would be. I didn't get the feel of Fifty Shades which to me was a good thing. This book will carry it's own weight without needing the standards of Basic Instinct and Fifty Shades. It has it's own story to tell and the Author brilliantly done so.

Sara comes from wealth which she declines from her father. So when Chris waltzes in and starts pampering her I think she is a bit confused. The raw emotion between Sara and Chris was deeply and I mean deeply steamy!!!

I wish the story went further on and didn't leave such a cliffhanger, I wanted to get to know more of the BDSM world that Chris and Mark came from. Way too many secrets way too many what if's.

Reviews are so hard to do when there are so many WHAT IF'S running around. But I must say this first book in the (Inside Out Trilogy) will want readers needing,wanting and frantically waiting for the next installment.

I would have gave this book 5 stars if I didn't have to wait forever for the next installment to figure out what happens next :(

While it Lasts By Abbi Glines

Abbi once again blew us away with sexy "Cage".
I must say I loved him more in his own story then I did in the others, we saw a brand new side of him. And by gosh, he is most defiantly one of my new top ten swoon-age character book men!!! I didn't think he could get any more sexier coming from "Because of Low" but he sure the hell did!
Nothing like a sexy sweetheart that can blow you away!
*Fans Herself*
I will go bathe in the water if I was with Cage no doubt!
Nipple Ring? Abbi, were you trying to kill us readers??

I have no words except brilliantly written!!!

R rated not for the young who can't handle hotness!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Come See About Me By C.K Kelly Martin

First off I want to start off by saying that there are many ways to grieve, endless ways actually. And I felt every ounce of Leah's pain. When I can literally feel my heart ache or feel emotion just from reading a book it makes me happy but yet sad. Happy because the writer has done a fantastic job of writing. And Sad because people really do expierence so many emotions that it can literally tare ones soul apart.

Bastien's presence was felt throughout the entire book. I absolutely admired that work. The flashbacks, The Thoughts, The Whispers everything was beautifully written and I felt like I knew his character well.

And Leah even though she was broke down and in so many words hiding from herself and the world I still loved her from the very beginning , she was so weak but yet so strong. You could tell this women loved very deeply. And don't get me started on Armstrong the hamster. I freaking loved that hamster. 

Liam was one hot character I have a weakness for accents and it's like my brain expierenced the sound of his voice it was amazing gives me chills thinking about it now.
Liam and Leah's chemistry was steamy and I mean steamy hot. 

This was an amazing read I want to give it 5 stars but I can't I have to give it 4.5 because I felt cheated at the end of the book. I wanted to see where Liam and Leah's relationship was headed. I hope and wish for another book so I can come back to this review and give it 5 stars.

Endless Summer By Jennifer Echols

I really enjoyed these two books wrapped up in one. It was a longer enjoyable read. 

Lori was a hoot of a character. But this story didn’t go the way I thought it might and I love it when that happens. I got so wrapped up in Lori’s and Adam’s chemistry. Adam and Lori had no luck at all. And I thought Lori’s little games we’re digging them deeper into their situation.

This double read has you guessing every turn of the page with drama.

It’s not just one couple with Drama it’s almost every character defiantly kept me on my toes.

Favorite Line is from the beginning of The Boy Next Door : 

On the very rare occasion when he took the garbage to the road at the same time I walked to the mailbox, he gave me the usual beaming smile and a big hug and acted like I was his best friend ever… for thirty heavenly seconds.

Prowl By Amber Garza

Ok , first off thanks for the free read.
Secondly, I am glad to say that I am happy I did not know this was a partial Christian read. I don't normally go that route while reading. But I AM SO GLAD I DID.
Now, I need to start off by saying I wanted to smack her mother so hard, I know I know but still she did not believe in her own daughter. 
I felt so sorry for Mackenzie and while reading her story I was automatically on her side from minute one. She was lonely deep down inside and you could immediately see it from the fantastic writing the Author had done.
And by the name of the title I automatically thought it was going to be more supernatural. But, through it all I did not see what was coming at all. I do not want to give any details away but let's just say my mind was blown at the turn of events that took place from middle to end. All I can say is.... I will never ever turn down a Christian read ever again. Amber Garza Thank You so much for a wonderful heartfelt read. And I can not wait to read your second book in the Prowl Trilogy.
My spirits we're most defiantly lifted and my mind is soaring. Excellent Knowledge on the supernatural aspect with witchcraft! 

Reasons to Read :
Cute Boy
Odd Next Door Neighbor the list is forever long.
You will not be disappointed if you take the time and read Prowl!

Boycotts & Barflies By : Victoria Michaels

I laughed so hard!

Loved this!

What was not to love??
Three hilarious Women.
Three incredibly hot sexy men!
Jokes galore!
And the wittiness oh jeeze! What a delightful read! When I am feeling down and I need a book to brighten my day I will deff be returning to this one!

Fav Quote : “Stay away from her. Don't look at her; don't even think about her. If she appears to you in your dreams, wake up and punch yourself in the face for me.” 
― Victoria MichaelsBoycotts & Barflies