Monday, November 26, 2012

Rock the Heart By Michelle A. Valentine Review

Holy Musician Hotness!

I am going to make this review simple and sweet.

The story is amazing. I love all the characters, absolutely every single one of theme. (Crap! With the exception of Sophie of course.)

Noel has what I would call major Daddy issues, which in his defense I find completely understandable.

But, what happens when a girl from your past that broke your heart is suddenly thrust into your life again?
Especially with the raw sexual attention hanging in the air around them still after four years.

Even though I adored Noel, I am sorry to say that I fell in love with Riff, who could not?

But as the group cares about Lane,they decided to let the cat out of the bag, one of Noels and Riffs secrets that can rip any shred of emotions and love left between Noel and Lane. Will their love conquer Love, Betrayal and the lies that linger?

This book shows what really can go on behind the sexy facade Rock Star Stereotype  I adored, swooned and fell in love with these Rock stars.

I have a feeling that when we get more of these handsome/Sexy Rock Stars in whatever Michelle comes up with next. We will still be hooked. I need more Riff in so many more of my fantasies bring on more hotness!

I give 4.5 delicious stars!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beautiful Disaster (The Bet) By Francette Phal :Review

One Giant Ass Mind Fuck

First off before I dive into the book I need to comment on the cover and the name of the book because it's literally driving me crazy. I can't help but compare it to Beautiful Disaster By Jamie McGuire's Cover. It's too much like Jamie's cover for her B.D. for two reasons. The name is the same and instead of a butterfly like Jamie's B.D it has a Dragonfly. I really almost didn't purchase this book because the cover and name. I am pretty devoted to Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster so this cover and name didn't thrill me. I wish the cover at least was different, but it is not my book I am only voicing an opinion. 

Secondly, the story is good. It's defiantly a unique one and would be even more great if it didn't have the errors it has. It just needs a little TLC touch up.

I am torn about this book so I am just going to say a few things. 
It really does screw with your mind. 
The drama alone in this book sends you over the edge.
Most of the characters are spoiled rich kids that have way too much time on their hands.
The drug scenes we're believable, although I am having difficulties wondering if somewhere out there eighteen year old kids are really doing some of this in real life. The thought alone scares me. The characters we're straight up doing the hard stuff.

The pull between Ellie and Nicky was done just perfectly. And I loved how Ellie was not always a perfect teenager, her character really grows through the story and I enjoyed that.
Nicky on the other hand I wanted to round house to the face more then a few times. Even though he somewhat has a change during the story he still turns out to be a jackass. He does have motive to his jackassery, he has been through a lot growing up and dealing with his disgusting father. 
This book really does pull you a million different ways. So much goes on from beginning to the end. It's worth the read.
I give this read 3.5 stars. If I was basing it on the Story alone it would be 5 stars, it has a lot of potential. Like I said it just needs a little editing TLC. I might even have given it 5 stars if I could find any Sequel News, the ending is just too much of a Cliffy for me not to be able to find any info on a Sequel. 
Other then that it was a great mind blowing read. It's defiantly different. 

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The Day Zombies Ruined my Perfectly Boring Life By Jen Naumann :Review

Oh Jen like I told you before you killed me with this ending it was freakin' awesome! 
OK, down to business people.

The Day Zombies Ruined my Perfectly Boring Life was absolutely hilarious. I laughed so hard with Emma and Cash's banter. They really can't stand one another.
This book is so different from other Zombie books I have read. I enjoyed the comedy in this, it had just enough of love flowing between Finn and Emma to keep me snagged to see what was going to happen between them and enough wittiness to keep me laughing.
I am not going to dive into the story on this one, I am just going to say that it's a fabulous fun read and has an ending you are not going to see coming. Thankful their is a sequel coming for sure. 
If your looking for a Zombie read and you also enjoy witty humor then pick this one up. 
I give this enjoyable read 4 Stars.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Make Me Yours By Kendall Ryan Review

I was given an ARC copy of Make Me Yours from Kendall Ryan for an Honest Review.
In Unravel Me we fell in love with Liz and her spunky self.
In Make Me Yours we see that spunky side along with the rest of her.
She's fiesty and well guarded I couldn't quite figure out why and when I did I about burst into tears my chest ached.
Cohen is a well mannered hot sexy guy. His morals alone are swoon worthy and you literally need to be hosed down because a guy like Cohen who is hot and has morals who also happens to be a volunteer firefighter makes your skin so damn hot your set on fire.
Liz is drawn to Cohen like Eve was drawn to the Apple, only there is no evil just pure sex appeal.
Cohen is the hearts and flowery kind who wants more and Liz is determind to stay far far away. But she can't even stay out of his bed even though they have yet to have sex.
They grow closer and while on a Get A Way Weekend Trip with Ashlyn and Aiden things get even more complicated for Liz as she realizes she is developing feelings for Cohen after he has a close call with his nut allergy.
While in the hot tub they hear our Unravel Me couple going at it and they both get worked up as they hear the moans and groans and everything changes.
Even though Cohen is a virgin he is not a sexual invalid. The man can work his tongue.
The way Kendal writes they way Cohen and Liz touch and interact is so sensual, sexual, smoldering and down right swoon worthy. I realize now that I am jealous of these characters.
Everything heats up more as you turn the pages. Example of the heat.
" He had to know what he was asking. The last time we'd been together i'd made it clear that my underwear needed to stay on, otherwise there were no promises of me staying off his cock."
*fans herself*
Liz's story is heart breaking and Cohen's moraled self is enough to read this novel, but added with the sexual tension just makes it that much more satisfying.
I would like to thank Kendall for this chance at reading another one of her masterful pieces of writing.
I give Make Me Yours 5 Golden Stars. It yanked me in every which way.
I would love to give the readers more to go on, but wouldn't want to ruin the story. TRUST ME! It's worth the purchase and the time reading.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Concentrating on Reading and Writing!

Yes I am still doing reviews. I have them written and saved up. I will post them as I get more time. I try to focus on releasing reviews for newer books. I tend to rush those reviews online it's important for those authors.

On older books I promise my reviews will be up very soon, with the Holidays around the corner and Fidelity coming to release in May I need to focus, focus and tons more focus towards that release.

More reviews coming with-in the next few days.