Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Losing It By Cora Carmack

This is one of those reads you finish and you immediately want to read again asap! I literally got sucked into this book as soon as I started it. I understand the hype now. Losing It is indeed a different kind of story. I was automatically drawn to Bliss she was the most interesting character I have read in a long time.
What twenty-two year old virgin wouldn't be a bit interesting right?

Bliss confides in one of her best friends that she is indeed still a virgin and her friend simply drags her to a pub. The main goal for the night is to find a male to take care of Bliss's problem. She drinks a little bit of liquid courage and they start weighing the options in the pub. As Bliss heads off to the bathroom she comes across a handsome stranger reading Shakespeare in a Pub of all places. She is immediately drawn to him. After all she is studying the ARTS. The air pretty much shifts around these two. Everything about this man screams hot.

I do not want to get into the story to much because it's a very fast read and not a very long one. But, she chickens out during their out and heavy make-put and petting session. Things are going where she wanted them to and now she can't go through with it. So Bliss makes up the most hilarious excuse. And I am telling you now it's beyond laughable.

Things are getting worse and worse because when she walks into class low and behold, Bliss's almost one night stand is her new professor! As if things couldn't get worse. They agree to put the night behind them both. But can they do that when the air literally gets sucked out of their lungs when ever they are around one another?

One night Bliss and her friends get drunk and play spin the bottle, and they all kiss one another, but one of these kisses is with one of her best friends and things get weird when he confesses he's liked Bliss for awhile.
Trapped and confused with this new set of events. Her attraction to her professor and now her best friends set his eyes on her she is more confused then ever.

Losing It is one of those stories that captivates you to keep reading more and more.

I give Losing It 5/5 Stars!

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