Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fidelity Is Almost Here!

Since insomnia is kicking my butt because I can't shut my brain off, 
I decided to share a little of "Fidelity" with ya'll. You ready for a kick-ass Dystopian Novel?
Almost Two Years And It's Finally Almost Here ♥

I don't know why our world is overrun with ruins and our population is scattered so far off in the distance it feels as if your alone but really we're over populated says the government. The truth is no-one knows when this happened because it’s been so long ago everyone has forgotten about it. Only the government knows what year it is, even if they are still counting the years. Everyone just sits and waits for their vision and if they don't get one they simply die unhappy with their "unloved". I guess I should explain the visions huh? OK well first off the short version is the government did experiments on brain chemicals but the kicker, it was on live human beings. They wanted to control the population. They didn't expect it would go horribly wrong. Instead of the "Love Visions" actually working everyone just gave up and started living unhappily together; couples forming and having children passing down the mutated version of the governments retched botched experiments. Bet they didn't expect people would go on even without love. Stories have it, very few have actually had actual visions finding love.
It’s sad really what else is there to look forward to besides your vision? We eat, sleep and survive one day at a time. There has to me more to my life than that. I have heard such enchanting stories about ones who have found one another through love visions. I want mine. I want love. I want happiness.
I will tell you one thing, they didn't anticipate me. They didn't expect not only would I be able to have a vision, but to actually interact with him; talk with him. We could touch!
We would find one another even if we died trying. Even, if they chased us to the ends of this miserable cloudy mucky muddy world. Kai Kingsley is mine and I will have him and he will have me Saskia Batron.

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