Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hard to Love By Kendall Ryan Review

I received this ARC for an honest review and I am going to do just that. Be honest as I always am. 
I need to start this review off by saying that all of Kendall's characters are shamefully amazing no matter which book, they are all freaking amazing. So let's get to Hard to Love. I was excited about this book because it was different. Really a porn star? HOT DAMN! I absolutely fell in love with Cade! Who in the hell in their right mind wouldn't? He sacrificed his pride of being a damn porn star to make enough money to take care of his little sister. Not only that he was gorgeous on top of all this. The poor guy had shit for parents and the world kept handing him lemons and by god he squeezed them damn lemons and made his life revolve around this special little girl named Lily. My heart broke, tore down to nothing, all that was left was this huge gaping whole in my chest when I read what this man and his poor sister had been through. What broke it the most was the fact here is this amazing little girl with this disease and she bounced around keeping a smile on her damn face as if nothing was wrong with her. And for that age that was amazing, her character alone was enough to keep me reading. What got me even more was Alexa bound and determined to be a part of Cade and Lily's life no matter how much Cade pushed her away. He had his reasons. He had a little girl to think about. He had that little girls heart to think about. What would happen if little Lily fell in love with Alexa and just upped and left them both? Cade had nothing but doubts and questions left in his head, with good reason and cause. I loved how Alexa's character was noble, sweet and caring. She was absolutely a force all on her own devoting her life to everyone. I won't go into details, but her best friend calls all this out in the book and it makes you fall in love with her. Cade is hot and mixed with the sweet and caring Alexa it heated up the pages. Once again Kendall made love scenes sizzle scorching your finger tips as you eagerly and impatiently flipped the pages yearning for more. Not only is this read full of love, heartbreak it has witty banter from Cade that made me laugh my ass off. Here are two of my favorite quotes by his POV from the beginning of the read. 
"Dammit. I knew a four-hour erection wasn't normal."  

"It was as if my dick thought we were here to pick up a willing participant to ease his discomfort. Sadly,no, little man. I felt his pain."

I give this read 5 stars and 5 hearts
You will miss out by not reading this. It's a fast read, but yet it is filled with everything.

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