Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sneak Peek Into One of Saskia and Kai's Love Scenes ♥

Fidelity is being beta read and in final edits. The entire novel is finished. This scene might change an inch, but not by much. Here you go. ♥

“Good morning Kai,” I cover my mouth with the blanket. He laughs. “What are you doing silly girl,” he jerks the blanket away from my face. I pull it back. “Morning breath for the both of us,” I muffle through the blanket he just grins. “You know how many visions I’ve had of watching you sleep and wake? I didn’t think you could look more beautiful, but in person it’s much better,” he quietly says while running his fingers through my hair again. His fingers slide against my cheek causing me to whimper. Lightning bolts, fireworks and love floods through me. “Kai—,” I look into his eyes. “I do love you, I don’t know why or how because I know nothing about you, yet you know everything about me and here I still love you,” I close my eyes and I feel him shift laying his body on mine. “Open those beautiful gray eyes baby,” I do and my breath escapes my lips as I see the desire in his beautiful green eyes. I run my fingers through his sexy hair. “Jesus,” he closes his eyes and when they open all I see is lust; lust I know is only for me. Wicked desire screams through my entire body.
          “Kai,” I whisper. “Make love to me please,” I pull his head down pressing my lips lightly against his. “Baby, are you sure,” his question asked upon my lips; I’m lost with the gentle graze of his breath and lips against mine, when I don’t respond he pulls away searching my eyes. “I’m sure,” he nods removing the rest of the towel that didn’t fully slip away as we slept. His is no longer wrapped around his waist. I run my hands up his very muscular arms down his chest tracing the intricate design of his tattoo. He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen my gaze wanders further down along with my fingers, dragging my nails across his sculpted abs. He gasps. I look up into his eyes and he leans his forehead to mine his eyes staring directly into my soul.  I feel stripped bare in that moment. This beautiful man has been watching me for years. He knows me. He feels me. He understands me probably better than I understand myself, but yet with him staring directly into my soul it’s the most intimate feeling I’ve ever felt and I know right then I never want that feeling to ever go away or disappear. I close my eyes memorizing his touch when he kisses my closed eyelids, nose, cheeks and a beautifully light kiss upon my lips before trailing his gorgeous mouth along my neck. I run my hands around to his back gripping him tighter against me. I feel his grin against my collar bone. “I love you Kai,” he sits up. “I love you too baby so much,” he scoots further down and I frown as he moves away. He chuckles. “I’m not going anywhere gorgeous.” His fingers dance their way up my legs stopping where I’ve saved myself for just him. He nudges my legs apart with his knees, gazing at me with hooded eyes leaning down running his tongue along my upper thigh. I let out a whimper, it’s like he’s savoring the moment moving so slowly, gently and ever so lovingly.
          “Baby, you are the most stunning,” kiss “gorgeous,” kiss “enchanting,” kiss “woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.” My heart flutters with his declaration. “I will cherish you forever Saskia, forever,” he murmurs against my sex.
          He takes his long fingers spreading me wide open licking my folds I moan when he pushes two fingers inside.
          “Oh baby your so wet, tight and ready for me,” he sucks my clit between his teeth while pushing his fingers slowly in and out. My legs start to shake my entire body quivering, my heart starts pounding and I feel like I am drifting into a beautiful wonderland. I come down from the most immense feeling. I lay with my entire body completely immobilized.
          “You okay baby?”
“Saskia,” he whispers against my lips. Wow when did he move?  
Kai chuckles against my lips. “We’re not done yet baby,” my eyes flutter open. I grin at this gorgeous creature.
          I look down gasping when I see his large hard cock. “Oh my, ugh Kai,” I say while gazing at his extremely hard erection.
          “Don’t worry I’ll go slow at first,” he assures me with the most passionate kiss. His tongue eases between my lips as soon as mine meets his he groans becoming frantic and forceful wrapping one of his large hands around my neck; my toes curl as our tongues dance with force and love. He pulls back biting on my lower lip before pecking one more time.
          “You ready baby, god please say you are,” I can do nothing but nod and smile. “Hell yes,”

© Copyright by Crystal D. Spears 2013

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