Sunday, August 19, 2012

Short Sell, Long Con By Jason C. C

I received this Arc For An Honest Review.

I can't properly review this because I feel I don't read enough in this genre. I really wanted to, but I can't. It's a very fast paced read and Jason did one hell of a job with the narrator POV you feel like your actually there.

These characters reminded me so much of my nerdy brother. It was an exciting read wondering what the hek was going to happen. But, I felt that with all the nerdiness going on I couldn't really follow the read like I wanted too. Math was never a fun subject for me ;)

If your looking for a fun fast paced read then I suggest you read Short Sell, Long Con. If I could get rich like that lord have mercy lol.

I will read more by Jason C.C I like his writing style.

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