Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stalk Me. By Jillian Dodd

Ok , so I think everyone that has read Jillian Dodd would agree with me that she is one fantastic creative writer. I think we all fell in love with her writing when That Boy and That Wedding became a sensation. But to get on point here The Keatyn Chronicles is going to be one of those series that we itch and crave for the next one to be released. And this is a six book series how will we survive the release to the next one?

stalk me. Holy Hell!
Keatyn is an amazing character, when I read YA I expect the teenage characters to act teenage. Well Jillian did not disappoint. Keats obviously has a different life then most teenagers after all her Mom and her might as well be Step Dad are famous. But what really impressed me is how well Jillian adapted Keatyn's character to the whole teenage aspect. I was amazed at how well her character was put together, she was loyal to her family and in some ways very mature. Her struggle with love and the boundaries she risks to stay at the top in her school are one hilarious ride. I agree with some that have reviewed stalk me already. It has the mean girls and gossip girl mix all up in it. 

The guys in stalk me OMG! Yes, I know I am not typing up a text but OMG for real! They are some seriously hot arse characters! Especially Cush lord have mercy I am in love. I laughed so hard during some of their scenes. And let me tell you I very much enjoyed Jillian's steamier writing in this book. Because I don't think Cush would be Cush without it. His character is so naughty and lovable. We needed the steamier approach. But we can't forget about B the surfer dude. He was very beach smexy and his character defiantly lived up to the surfer dude stereo-type. Much more hot guys in this book so be prepared to Swoon because they are all very much swoon worthy.

Keats best friends in this book I wanted to smack they are the meanest of mean girls I have ever read. 

Let's not forget about the stalker (squirms) very creepy!

This book is actually a pretty long read, but it's an easy one. So easy to follow.

I am one of the book readers/reviewers who tries very hard not to get into the book but yet voices an opinion at the same time. I do not like giving away plots, scenes or anything else in that matter. This first book in her new series however is yet Jillian's best work. 
The writing is extraordinary and it grips you in quicker then you can say Parcheesi.  

It's a very mature YA book and it's very much worth your time reading and reviewing it. 

Don't waste anytime picking this read up. Here I will even make it easier for you just hover and click below. 
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5 Stars for stalk me.
I don't hand out 5 stars like it's candy I have a rating around 3.5 stars on goodreads. So trust me when I say it's 5 stars!


  1. Just wanted to thank you for such an amazing review!! Heard you also won a signed copy!! Congrats!!

  2. Yes I did and Thank you. I like to have all my favs in ebook and paperback so it was a lovely surprise to have won a signed copy!