Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Taking on the Dead By Annie Walls Review : Release Celebration

I am going to be honest I find it very hard to get into a Zombie Apocalypse  novel. There have been very few items I have been able to read and just dive into and stay focused on that read in this genre.


Taking on the Dead is by far one of the best books I have read. Annie did an excellent job creating her apocalyptic world. Every detail is written with care.

The Flashback/Nightmare scenes are amazing.  

Her main character heroine Kan is alone for years. She is used to taking care of herself and killing zombies by herself. She lives in a bunker her father started and she had to finish. She hasn't spoken to a living person for years. ( When other characters arrive in the book Annie does an excellent job transitioning Kan with being by herself for so long.) One day nearby her home there is a small four person group that shows up and is being attacked by zombies. Naturally through habit Kan steps in and starts killing. Along this four person group is a guy named Kale; he tells Kan that the other three can't be trusted. Even though Kan is reluctant and doesn't trust all four she still helps them out. And it turns out Kale was telling her the truth about not trusting them. It bites Kan in the arse big time. Things go downhill from there for Kan.

She fights to stay alive. The world she thought she knew is gone and just when she thinks she knows everything there is to know about the zombies/famished she meets the delicious hunk Rudy. Their first encounter is only glances, Kan trusts no-one and has every right not too. During their second encounter it is more then glances, things go horribly wrong. But, Kan and Rudy embark on one scary crazy adventure where Rudy needs Kans help. During an outing Kan is injured and Rudy must put on hold everything and detour his reason for their journey to save Kan. She awakens she is surrounded by the most craziest people. These characters are a hoot they are filthy,raw and some are fun, but some are just as dangerous as the zombies/famished.

Things are never what they really seem and the people you have learned to trust aren't so trustworthy. And, just when you think your safe......you most certainly are not.

There are a lot of amazing characters in Taking on the Dead. I wish I could tell you more about these characters because they are awesome. But, if I did that then you would figure things out while reading the book and we don't want that it spoils the fun. I will tell you that Annie created one awesome zombie series. The first book is gritty, raw, emotional, disgusting and so unbelievably real.

The first scene that hooks you in is extremely and I mean extremely emotional and unbelievably detailed. I was not kidding when I said she wrote this book with care. When you read a zombie book or any kind of Apocalypse book there are huge words or dragged out sentences and scenes, but with Taking on the Dead it isn't like that. There is no horrible wording or any confusion about her world at all. But, the detail is there and it makes this book POP! This isn't a love story it's 100% a kickbutt Zombie Book.

This book contains it all.

I am a huge fan of zombies and I will because I can; compare it to The Walking Dead Comics/Graphic Novels. I own The Walking Dead Graphic Novels and I believe that Taking on the Dead the first book in The Famished Trilogy is by far better. When your reading Taking on the Dead the first scene reels you in and it feels as if your living in Kans shoes and experiencing everything she goes through the entire book. There is no pretty in this book it's not some chick novel. This book is for all readers alike. Of course some of the characters are hot and there are characters that have chemistry but this is not a love story.

If your looking for a very graphic world filled with zombies and butt kicking this is the trilogy you have been waiting for.

I am a huge fan of books being turned into T.V Shows/ Movies if they are done correctly. And I will tell you that (The Famished Trilogy) is most defiantly screen worthy.

I am very lucky and honored to have been able to read Taking on the Dead and celebrating the release week with everyone and most importantly Annie. This book is a 5 star read no questions about it. It is one of my new favorite reads to date and it's listed on my re-read shelf for when I am itching for her second book in the trilogy.

Put this first book on your must read and purchase lists now. And prepare for the release of one kick butt zombie trilogies to date!

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