Friday, October 5, 2012

Unlovable (The Port Fare Series) By Sherry Gammon

Where to begin?

Oh that's right first I want to curse about Maggie's pathetic mother. The fact she called her own daughter unlovable (I swear if I could bitch slap through a book I would.)

I understand that alcoholism is a disease, but that was pushing it too far for me.

The synopsis is not wrong when it says Maggie is the poster child for heroin. The way she looks screams drug user. Even though she is not an abuser she is slowly starting to shrivel away into nothing due to starvation. 

Seth an undercover MET agent is immediately drawn to Maggie. As soon as he started showing interest in her my heart soared that's how bad this poor eighteen year old had it. 

This book will tare you down and then towards the end starts putting you back together again.

I can see why this story is being optioned off for a movie. It's superb! I will defiantly see it on the big screen. 

I gave this book 4/5 stars.