Friday, October 5, 2012

White Trash Beautiful (Beautiful Series) - By Teresa Mummert

I have no words. I am beyond speechless I am going to have to come up with something fitting enough for this fantastic story telling. 
First I want to comment on the cover (Absolutely Stunning.)

This poor girl Cass has been through enough bad luck. Her mother is useless and her mother's boyfriend is an absolute jackass. Yes, I know I speak my mind. 
This book is so angsty and raw I freaking loved every bit of it. 
The day Tucker came into the picture I breathed a sigh of relief literally. 

Who says all rock stars are self centered assholes? Not our poor Tucker. What I loved most about Tucker is that he showed Cass there is way more to life then her diner job and her little trailer. 
Like I said I have no words for this read except get it now you will not be disappointed. 
You want to feel heartache and then love then you need to read White Trash Beautiful.
I gave this book 5 Stars for a reason.
I rate books on how they make me feel and this one made me feel every dang emotion. 
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