Sunday, November 11, 2012

Make Me Yours By Kendall Ryan Review

I was given an ARC copy of Make Me Yours from Kendall Ryan for an Honest Review.
In Unravel Me we fell in love with Liz and her spunky self.
In Make Me Yours we see that spunky side along with the rest of her.
She's fiesty and well guarded I couldn't quite figure out why and when I did I about burst into tears my chest ached.
Cohen is a well mannered hot sexy guy. His morals alone are swoon worthy and you literally need to be hosed down because a guy like Cohen who is hot and has morals who also happens to be a volunteer firefighter makes your skin so damn hot your set on fire.
Liz is drawn to Cohen like Eve was drawn to the Apple, only there is no evil just pure sex appeal.
Cohen is the hearts and flowery kind who wants more and Liz is determind to stay far far away. But she can't even stay out of his bed even though they have yet to have sex.
They grow closer and while on a Get A Way Weekend Trip with Ashlyn and Aiden things get even more complicated for Liz as she realizes she is developing feelings for Cohen after he has a close call with his nut allergy.
While in the hot tub they hear our Unravel Me couple going at it and they both get worked up as they hear the moans and groans and everything changes.
Even though Cohen is a virgin he is not a sexual invalid. The man can work his tongue.
The way Kendal writes they way Cohen and Liz touch and interact is so sensual, sexual, smoldering and down right swoon worthy. I realize now that I am jealous of these characters.
Everything heats up more as you turn the pages. Example of the heat.
" He had to know what he was asking. The last time we'd been together i'd made it clear that my underwear needed to stay on, otherwise there were no promises of me staying off his cock."
*fans herself*
Liz's story is heart breaking and Cohen's moraled self is enough to read this novel, but added with the sexual tension just makes it that much more satisfying.
I would like to thank Kendall for this chance at reading another one of her masterful pieces of writing.
I give Make Me Yours 5 Golden Stars. It yanked me in every which way.
I would love to give the readers more to go on, but wouldn't want to ruin the story. TRUST ME! It's worth the purchase and the time reading.

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