Monday, November 26, 2012

Rock the Heart By Michelle A. Valentine Review

Holy Musician Hotness!

I am going to make this review simple and sweet.

The story is amazing. I love all the characters, absolutely every single one of theme. (Crap! With the exception of Sophie of course.)

Noel has what I would call major Daddy issues, which in his defense I find completely understandable.

But, what happens when a girl from your past that broke your heart is suddenly thrust into your life again?
Especially with the raw sexual attention hanging in the air around them still after four years.

Even though I adored Noel, I am sorry to say that I fell in love with Riff, who could not?

But as the group cares about Lane,they decided to let the cat out of the bag, one of Noels and Riffs secrets that can rip any shred of emotions and love left between Noel and Lane. Will their love conquer Love, Betrayal and the lies that linger?

This book shows what really can go on behind the sexy facade Rock Star Stereotype  I adored, swooned and fell in love with these Rock stars.

I have a feeling that when we get more of these handsome/Sexy Rock Stars in whatever Michelle comes up with next. We will still be hooked. I need more Riff in so many more of my fantasies bring on more hotness!

I give 4.5 delicious stars!

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