Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beautiful Disaster (The Bet) By Francette Phal :Review

One Giant Ass Mind Fuck

First off before I dive into the book I need to comment on the cover and the name of the book because it's literally driving me crazy. I can't help but compare it to Beautiful Disaster By Jamie McGuire's Cover. It's too much like Jamie's cover for her B.D. for two reasons. The name is the same and instead of a butterfly like Jamie's B.D it has a Dragonfly. I really almost didn't purchase this book because the cover and name. I am pretty devoted to Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster so this cover and name didn't thrill me. I wish the cover at least was different, but it is not my book I am only voicing an opinion. 

Secondly, the story is good. It's defiantly a unique one and would be even more great if it didn't have the errors it has. It just needs a little TLC touch up.

I am torn about this book so I am just going to say a few things. 
It really does screw with your mind. 
The drama alone in this book sends you over the edge.
Most of the characters are spoiled rich kids that have way too much time on their hands.
The drug scenes we're believable, although I am having difficulties wondering if somewhere out there eighteen year old kids are really doing some of this in real life. The thought alone scares me. The characters we're straight up doing the hard stuff.

The pull between Ellie and Nicky was done just perfectly. And I loved how Ellie was not always a perfect teenager, her character really grows through the story and I enjoyed that.
Nicky on the other hand I wanted to round house to the face more then a few times. Even though he somewhat has a change during the story he still turns out to be a jackass. He does have motive to his jackassery, he has been through a lot growing up and dealing with his disgusting father. 
This book really does pull you a million different ways. So much goes on from beginning to the end. It's worth the read.
I give this read 3.5 stars. If I was basing it on the Story alone it would be 5 stars, it has a lot of potential. Like I said it just needs a little editing TLC. I might even have given it 5 stars if I could find any Sequel News, the ending is just too much of a Cliffy for me not to be able to find any info on a Sequel. 
Other then that it was a great mind blowing read. It's defiantly different. 

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