Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mending By J.B McGee

4.5 Delicious Romantic Stars

If you have read Broken you know the wait for Mending was pretty rough. It was a good thing Lady McGee didn't make us wait very long.

Gabby is a breath of fresh air in Mending; more open still wounded in my opinion, but she is learning.
Gabby and Bradley's relationship is nothing like I have ever imagined. Bradley is anything but a tamed male, but Gabby draws him in further and their love is unbelievably romantic. Anything that has flaws like the fact that Gabby is scarred and Bradley is a reduced player makes this story more interesting. Any female that can tame a wicked male deserves high praise especially one so sweet, innocent, scarred, hurt and scared.

But like I said Gabby is far more opened in Mending she isn't stuck to Sam like glue she has a best friend who happens to be a guy :) and it's so refreshing seeing her interact with others.

We even visit more of Bradley's life in Mending, we also meet the person he confides in. But you must read Mending to see these other characters, the development of the story picks up and takes you on an unforgettable ride.

I am stuck to "THIS" Trilogy like a moth drawn to flame. Which is saying something. Pure romance. Gah. Love. It.

I can assure you J.B McGee is an Author to watch.

Now the wait for... Forgiven begins.


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