Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tidal By Emily Snow

Unbelievably Raw & Heartbreaking - Tidal was nothing like I expected!
5 Full Stars for this Angsty heartbreaking/put back together read!

When I started beta reading Tidal I will be honest and say at the beginning I didn't expect the story to go the way it did. I thought "Hell A Broken Drug Addict Star." we've read about those. But No...Should have known better this is after all an Emily Snow Novel and she is freaking brilliant!  When beta reading or reading an ARC I always forget who wrote it that way my opinions aren't biased by any means. Sure enough Emily made this mesmerizing and captivating story and I was honored to be one of the very firsts to read it.

Willow is anything but a shallow broken star. She is tainted with her mistakes and in ways guarding her heart from making more mistakes. If Cooper wasn't so damn sexy we wouldn't need him in the story because Willow draws you in so fast and you are literally glued to the pages.

The chemistry between Willow and Cooper was amazingly sexy. Cooper... I thought was going to be this perfect male with no secrets, but hell who am I kidding he was no where near perfect and that is what made him perfect for Willow and perfect to read. Who doesn't love a sexy surfer with brains to run his own business and has a heart? So when it turned out he wasn't perfect and was hiding his own secrets I honestly sighed it was a relief. I can't stand reading stories where the characters are perfect because let's face it no-one is freaking perfect.

Watching Willow struggle with being out of rehab was soooo sad, I was thankful she had her bodyguard and  training with Cooper to help her. Willow's secrets also helped keep the pages turning and my eyes glued. I kept thinking what else is there to hide we already know she was addicted to drugs. But WHAT was the reason? And then BAM Emily hits us with a bomb and I am floored and so damn heartbroken I cry in real life for what seems like forever.

I don't think my heart could take anymore after that and when the end of the story hits right when the pages are almost finished Cooper's Character does the unexpected and picks up our broken hearts and glues them back together.

You need to read this if you want to feel real emotions and your body tingling in anticipation then get to clicking and purchase this read.

<3 Floored and Captivated Reader

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