Monday, August 6, 2012

Endless Summer By Jennifer Echols

I really enjoyed these two books wrapped up in one. It was a longer enjoyable read. 

Lori was a hoot of a character. But this story didn’t go the way I thought it might and I love it when that happens. I got so wrapped up in Lori’s and Adam’s chemistry. Adam and Lori had no luck at all. And I thought Lori’s little games we’re digging them deeper into their situation.

This double read has you guessing every turn of the page with drama.

It’s not just one couple with Drama it’s almost every character defiantly kept me on my toes.

Favorite Line is from the beginning of The Boy Next Door : 

On the very rare occasion when he took the garbage to the road at the same time I walked to the mailbox, he gave me the usual beaming smile and a big hug and acted like I was his best friend ever… for thirty heavenly seconds.

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