Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If I Were You : Author Lisa Renee Jones

The entire time reading this I thought what is going on??? I couldn't figure out Chris's intentions. Now, Mark on the other hand during his moments in the book I felt off balanced I have no words. His character was deeply intimidating. This book is so much more then I thought it would be. I didn't get the feel of Fifty Shades which to me was a good thing. This book will carry it's own weight without needing the standards of Basic Instinct and Fifty Shades. It has it's own story to tell and the Author brilliantly done so.

Sara comes from wealth which she declines from her father. So when Chris waltzes in and starts pampering her I think she is a bit confused. The raw emotion between Sara and Chris was deeply and I mean deeply steamy!!!

I wish the story went further on and didn't leave such a cliffhanger, I wanted to get to know more of the BDSM world that Chris and Mark came from. Way too many secrets way too many what if's.

Reviews are so hard to do when there are so many WHAT IF'S running around. But I must say this first book in the (Inside Out Trilogy) will want readers needing,wanting and frantically waiting for the next installment.

I would have gave this book 5 stars if I didn't have to wait forever for the next installment to figure out what happens next :(

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