Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pushing The Limits : Author Katie McGarry

I need to first congratulate the Author on knowing her facts on manic episodes. For those who know nothing about depression or Bipolar disorder would be confused. She nailed it.

Ok , let's get this started. Echo was an outgoing girl dated the top jock at the school Luke. They we're the "It" Couple. I can't say what happened to Echo without ruining the book for others but something very bad happened and she was changed for life. She visits a clinical therapist counselor at school once a week to try and remember what happened to her.

All she knows is that she hides behind her scars and wants no-one to know about them. Then she literally runs into Noah who also see's the clinical therapist due to his own troubles. They instantly hitch a plan to steal their files from the therapist counselor. Little do they know they have much more in common then what they thought. They instantly become drawn to one another. Noah is a player and a stoner. He used to be just like Luke a jock before his life was changed in the blink of an eye.

The Author did a wonderful job interacting the supporting characters with the main ones. And trust me when I say the supporting characters help make this book better, without them I do not think the raw emotions between Noah and Echo would be as strong. Like I said a lot of the supporting characters play a crucial role in this book.

This book had me crying so much. The emotions were as raw as one can get in reading a novel. I would so love for there to be a follow up on this book. I have never in my life read something so powerful in all my life. The things these characters go through is beyond anything I would ever want to handle. And the truth is stuff like this happens in real life all the time.

This is a 5 star read. DO NOT PASS THIS BOOK UP.

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